Twitter suspension – claim two accounts is a violation

Sadly my main and back up Twitter accounts have been suspended. I have appealed as the claim is that my secondary account “violated the rules by evading a permanent suspension” roughly, I had never been suspended though. The rules are clear that you can’t make a fake account that is trying to falsify a person. My accounts were clearly just both me – I thought of the second as a business account for a more self care focus with my & sites.

Update – my @deNutrients account got suspended for my quote of a CoV Tweet and then the @selfcarerocks account was considered ‘evading a permanent suspension’ and got closed second.


I am sad about lost work and lost community and free speech. Hopefully the appeal will work.

Thanks everyone who has been supportive of my work!

“Shadow banning is real. When Twitter was hacked images of their internal tools were released and it shows individual accounts can be blacklisted.” – @zeals_eth

My Twitter accounts both had Shadow Bans and it limited what I could see of other people’s Tweets as well as limiting who could see what I Tweeted. Free speech isn’t free, and social media is not your own property.

Thanks everyone who has been interested in my preventive health ed info.

I can browse Twitter and look up specific words or accounts but I no longer can interact at all. I can see some of my Tweets but they show up as Suspended Account to any other readers.

Be cautious – The US and other national guidance is censoring many topics and defining some as terrorism. The idea that a social media platform allows free speech is flawed if your government might arrest you for it.

Be cautious – and remember I am not dead, just shut out of a community that I enjoyed since 2011. Breaking our spirit is part of the mass psychosis messaging. Hold the line!

I can still see some of my Tweet history – what I can find with search words – and I copied this long Thread with some speculative history about the US and WWII aftermath & the MK Ultra program: (document). One of the source links is no longer working but I copied some long quotes from it and summarized key points.

You can find me on Telegram though – link to my chat group:

Disclaimer: This information is being shared for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use.