EpiGirl is a fictional character in the SPARS epidemic scenario that was published in 2017. EpiGirl collates the adverse reaction reports from VAERS and other patient forums and it seems worse. The scenario works through that issue by suggesting it was duplicated records. 2017 SPARS Report – Main site: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/Center-projects/completed-projects/spars-pandemic-scenario.html   Pdf copy elsewhere: https://jhsphcenterforhealthsecurity.s3.amazonaws.com/spars-pandemic-scenario.pdf  A database is… Continue reading EPIGIRL 2

Control group – needed to show any differences in outcomes.

The Control Group in an experiment is supposed to receive no treatment compared to the experimental treatment in order to evaluate whether there is a difference in either positive or negative outcomes. Did the experimental treatment help the symptoms somehow? Did the experimental treatment cause more side effects of some sort than the problem might… Continue reading Control group – needed to show any differences in outcomes.