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This is just a few posts that I think are important:

Poor magnesium absorption, or excessive loss is more common than realized, and under-treated because lab tests are not helpful except for severe problems.

For a more recent overview about nutrients see / pages Nutrients or Cofactors.

Pre-eclampsia is the condition that got me started on magnesium research – my ‘pumpkin seed’ recommendation really helped my prenatal clients – so when I became unemployed I started researching why they may have helped so much – magnesium and zinc and essential fatty acids – there may have been a few benefits but the magnesium is an important one.

  • Preeclampsia-a life threatening prenatal complication – Preeclampsia

Pomegranate peel was a more recent discovery – in 2017 it helped me with undiagnosed mental illness symptoms which turned out to be mast cell over-activity – like an allergy reaction, but so severe it effects brain chemistry too. Phytonutrients in pomegranate peel inhibit mast cells.

  • Pomegranate, Health benefits summary – Pomegranate or see G13. Pomegranate, or enter Pomegranate Covid19 in the search box of for my most recent posts about pomegranate peel benefits against viral risks or inflammation.

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