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Jennifer Depew, R.D.
Experience: Nutrition Counselor & Lactation Educator. Currently on medical disability with autoimmune disease, reviewing research that has helped me & may help others restore or protect health and quality of life.
Experience: Nutrition Counselor & Lactation Educator. Currently on medical disability with autoimmune disease, reviewing research that has helped me & may help others restore or protect health and quality of life.

Social media – Tweeting about Covid is very censored and my accounts, sadly, have been suspended. A friend’s account, linked below. The first Telegram link is to my chat group which is linked to the second Telegram icon below, my channel which is more focused on nutrition oriented posts. The chat stream gets very busy with many varied topics being shared by a variety of members.

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Gab: @JennyD – a supplement dispensary site with a catalog of 20,000+ products from many companies. People who sign up under my account can browse the catalog and get a 20% discount. I can email individuals but need to include a product recommendation – you don’t have to buy it. How to reply or ask questions there is not clear to me yet. – use Coupon Code JENNYRD for a five percent discount on Dr. Zelenko’s products. I am an authorized affiliate marketer for the Z-Stack TM and Z-Detox TM products. Children’s Z-stack TM chewable gummies are now available for preorder.

These products are not inexpensive, and you could likely save money by looking for the individual supplements – but that adds up in money too, and number of capsules to swallow. Whatever works! and Food counts too.

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Subscriptions are free as public health is my goal – share the good news – health is closer than we may think, but we have to remove some modern life blinders.

With so much politicization and change regarding sexual identity, it is a hot topic, and a confusing one. Do we “choose” an identity – or is it an innate difference that needs to be respected? It seems that we can’t have both of those be true. I can choose to identify as an evergreen tree but it doesn’t make me one. Polyamory as a word has negative impressions of promiscuity, when it might mean having a stable long term relationship with two other people instead of one.

Humans as a species are not as monogamous as some other species. About 60% are more likely to bond with one mate over a long term – and seem repulsed or betrayed by the idea that love of more than one person at a time is possible. And about 40% of people may fall in love easily and move on easily, or have a comfortable long term friendship that is intermittent in contacts rather than daily.

It would be good to “Choose” to see truth – we are diverse, and we all would benefit from accepting that. Prenatal hormone levels that are opposite the DNA sex of the fetus can cause the child to have the gendered behavior patterns of the opposite sex. Caregiving instincts for girls with dollies and more rough and group play for boys with wheeled toys that move. Kids do know early when it is biologically based issue. The unspoken issue – glyphosate may be increasing the rate of DNA sex females identifying as gender males, and endocrine mimicking pesticides and BPA may be increasing the rate of DNA sex males identifying as the female gender.

Homosexuality does seem to be different and is more about who the person finds sexually attractive rather than whether they feel more like thrusting or receiving, or wearing dresses or pants. Gender is both instinctual and socially thrust upon us – girls need to behave sweetly and quietly and boys will be boys, we can’t expect them to not rough-house. True, but maybe some of the girls do like to play active games too and maybe some of the boys really don’t want to rough-house because they are always the one getting roughed up or just don’t enjoy it.

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The site has many resource pages that may help general health or reduce risks from a viral infection:

  • Nutrients and Cofactors, are two pages with dosing details included for essential or helpful supplements – and which are safer to not supplement, along with upper limit safety guidance.
  • Microbiome, Resistant Starch/Butyrate, Butyrate – How much?, and the Zinc pages all have information about helping our symbionts – our microbes can help us or harm us and what we eat effects which type tend to grow. We are eating for more than two – two trillions maybe.
  • MCAS/Histamine has an overview and links to more information about foods to avoid or use more if overactive allergy cells – mast cells – are a problem, or difficulty breaking down histamine may be a factor. And more fun pages and slideshows of nature and travel photography! – health and community, sustainable home and environment, short posts, relationships with self, others, and international relations. Trade makes more peaceful neighbors. – The site has wellness information and policy writing resources. It is also in a book like document format, Instinct & Policy: Effective Care and Best Practices for Promoting Health and Preventing Harassment and Discrimination: ( & Policy).

*The blog attached to is a copy of the posts on this site, The many pages, glossary and main chapter pages of the book are the value on Pages G13. Pomegranate and G10. Nrf2 Promoting Foods, are valuable for a self-care focused diet. Page 4.1 Self care Strategies is an overview page of lifestyle factors that affect health.

Instincts affect our behavior more than we realize and we fool ourselves by rationalizing the behavior that might have been more subconscious than we recognize. Policies for businesses or families can be easier to follow, more pleasant and healthy when we take into account what feels natural and what feels unfair or unreasonable to expect. – this site has a theme of how modern technology can help sustainability, with a blog focused on ocean health, quantum biology, and ether/orgone – the work of Wilhelm Reich.

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and the information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes.