Glowing particles in vials, and in illness, and in bion research.

Terrain Theory is real, or at least is not untrue, along with Germ Theory, this video & discussion is proof basically. Dr. Erik Enby examined a vial of Pfizer CoV vaccine and found that it had moving, glowing, ‘seed’ like particles, which he thinks would be likely to grow if someone who was more ill or nutrient deficient, than healthy, received the injection. He states that he would not want that vaccine product for himself. He has seen similar particles in the blood of sick people and associates it with illness.

The microscope power he used was not as close-up as the other videos of CoV injection samples have been.

Dr. Erik Enby – A Pfizer ‘Vaccine’ Under a Microscope. (With English Subtitles)
“Erik Enby (born 1937) is a Swedish doctor who has been recognized for his highly controversial studies describing the microbial situation in the blood for a range of conditions. His unorthodox method suffer media and official punishment. In May 2015, an international team of researchers publish a comprehensive study that seems to prove him right….” (

The video shows moving round particles that seem to glow. That might be graphene oxide/Lipid Nanoparticles – or infectious parasites for all we know from the other videos showing a variety of contaminants in different brands of CoV injection vials. (See post: Iver who?)

What Dr. Enby is saying about the glowing particles without saying is, yes, he has seen those sort of particles before, exactly like that, and so have others…

And none of them are talking about it, because the field is suppressed. The work supports Terrain Theory rather than Germ Theory. Infectious particles exist and will likely multiply in an unhealthy person, and won’t in a healthy person. Pharma world only supports Germ Theory.

Similar glowing like particles have been seen in ether/orgone research and they are called bions in that field of study and they can also be beneficial. Different types of genetic material probably is involved. The bions seen in ether/orgone research are also seen involved in the production of “stem cells” within the Primovascular system (which is the same as the pathways of the acupuncture Meridian system).

What’s a bion? Nanoparticles that can reassemble into living bacteria like forms.

Mineralo-organic nanoparticles form spontaneously in human body fluids when the concentrations of calcium and phosphate ions exceed saturation. We have shown previously that these mineralo-organic nanoparticles possess biomimetic properties and can reproduce the whole phenomenology of the so-called nanobacteria—mineralized entities initially described as the smallest microorganisms on earth.” […] “Notably, bions possess several biomimetic properties, including the possibility to increase in size and number and to be sub-cultured in fresh culture medium. Based on these results, we propose that bions represent biological, mineralo-organic particles that may form in the body under both physiological and pathological homeostasis conditions. These mineralo-organic particles may be part of a physiological cycle that regulates the function, transport and disposal of elements and minerals in the human body.” (4)

Read more: Bions: A Family of Biomimetic Mineralo-Organic Complexes Derived from Biological Fluids.

Lab results from before CoV injections, and after the first, and the second injection showed a significant increase and then drop in white blood cell count.

This video by Dr. Nathan Thompson has lab results from before and after the first and second CoV injections, for a patient who had changed their lifestyle and diet enough to normalize Type 2 Diabetes. The patient’s lab results were all within normal ranges prior to the firt injection and then the white blood cell count rises, like it would in a viral infection, or possibly a vaccine immune challenge. But then the Natural Killer white blood cell count drops after the second injection at a level that might be seen with autoimmune disease. .

Do the CoV injections have an infectious effect? or chimeric spike protein effects? The Natural Killer cell type includes CD8 and CD4 T-cells. These type of cells fight virus or cancer cells for us. The chimeric spike protein is believed to reduce the number of CD8 cells. The injections have been found to reduce natural and adaptive immunity. (3)

Video: My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone’s Immune System After the 2nd Jab,
Dr. Nathan Thompson.

Natural Immunity is stronger than antibodies or T-cells generated by the injections. The half-life of the live-neutralizing antibody response was estimated to be more than twice as long in naturally infected hosts (150 days vs 68 days). (5, quote)Dr John Campbell says very politely in a recent video that the research does not support what US authorities are saying about natural immunity or support that there is a need for CoV vaccines for people with natural immunity. Research shows good immunity after actual infection. Declines after about 6 months for CoV injected people. See: Natural versus vaccine immunity, Dr. John Campbell, 10/2/2021 (6)

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