FBI entrapment scheme in Michigan was revealed.

Gov. Whitmer was endangered by an FBI plot but those who were attempted to be set up as the fall guys wouldn’t do it.

The FBI needs to be jailed for treason against the US.

Tucker Carlson breaks down how the FBI created the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot.

The FBI organized, plotted, funded, controlled, and carried out a plan to kidnap Michigan’s governor so they could blame the kidnapping on trump-supporters and “right-wing extremist”.

The FBI paid Dan Chappel [FBI informant] more than $60,000 in 7 months and told him he needs to start assembling a group of right-wing extremist for the FBI to prosecute.

The FBI made a new Facebook group called “Patriot 3 Percenters”. Through the group, Chappel met a broke man named Adam Fox.

The FBI provided Chappel with several $5,000 limit credit cards and they told him to give those to Adam Fox and to tell him to spend it on guns and ammunition. Fox refused.

Chappel suggested that Fox and others fire rounds into the Governor’s mansion, but Fox and the other defendants refused.

When the group started falling apart the FBI told their informant Chappel to keep the group together and they introduced an agent and another informant into the group who suggested that they kidnap Gretchen Whitmer. The defendants refused.

But the FBI kept pushing, their informants drove the defendants to Whitmer’s home and then they suggested killing the Governor of Virginia.

On Sep. 5, 2020, FBI Agent Chambers texted Chappel, “mission is to kill the governor specifically”.

To pressure defendants into kidnapping the governor, the FBI used a female informant to sleep with them and got them high on drugs.

12 out of 18 people involved with the plot to kidnap Whitmer were working for the FBI.”

https://truthsocial.com/@KanekoaTheGreat/posts/108836078088428677, @KanekoaTheGreat

via https://t.me/arkmedic/4781

This is not the first time that US citizens have been endangered or set up by FBI False Flag entrapments. When we are paying the terrorists, to terrorize ourselves, then is that winning a War on Terror? Or creating it?

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Six minute video – explains viral infections & how the government recommendations are wrong

Following helpful guidance is a good idea. Following dangerous guidance is dangerous and therefore a bad idea.

Trusting authority figures and our government is standard from childhood and our social instincts. It is uncomfortable to question that instinct or the authority figure. Discerning adults seek evidence from varied sources and form their own opinion about recommendations.

Dr. Dan Stock gives a short presentation to the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana.

He discussed the epidemic wave patterns and other viral illnesses. History has proven that virus with animal reservoirs can not be eradicated. Policies suggesting that is a reasonable or realistic goal are inherently wrong and therefore organizations need to question guidance suggesting impossible goals and requiring changes that are ineffective and expensive in money, health, or loss of personal freedom.

Video in a Tweet: https://twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer/status/1424747360744136707?t=mfnxmMhZaaShRiVnpbqTCA&s=19

Video in a blog post https://hancockcountypatriots.blogspot.com/2021/08/dr-dan-stocks-presentation-to-mt-vernon.html?m=1

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FDA witness testimony- video

A Doctor Speaking At The FDA’s Public Session… Explains How His Wife Was Dropped From The Clinical Trials After Suffering An Adverse Event… He Claims Her Data Was Not Included In The Results… He Claims There Are Many More Like Her… 

FDA testimony by Brian Dressen, Ph.D. regarding his wife’s experiences after having an adverse reaction to a first CoV injection. He said her reaction was not described in the trial results and that participants had similar experiences.

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