Health is being rented

The modern medical system is over-focused on symptom management and too often does not address underlying dysfunction. Over time symptom management can lead to the underlying dysfunction causing chronic degenerative damage. That prescription pad with the medication renewal every 3-6 months may have seemed helpful at the time, yet it may have been hiding your body’s cries for real help.

Many medications are prescribed instead of restoring good magnesium balance. Magnesium is essential for protecting cells from excess calcium, which can over-activate cells to the point of cell death. Our bodies can do a lot – when well nourished. Our own immune system can remove virus and other pathogens if we have enough magnesium and other nutrients. Medications might assist the body – but the body probably still needs to be able to function in order to benefit from the medication.

Magnesium and many other essential nutrients have been dismissed or even suppressed for use as a treatment for Covid19.

Vitamin D deficiency has been proven to be a very significant risk factor for who is more likely to get severely ill or die from a SARS-CoV-2 infection. People with levels of 25-D below ~ 33 were most likely to be severely ill and below ~ 20 were more likely to die. This seems to me to be valuable information to share with the public. Full spectrum sunlight or grow lamp for about a half hour per day may help the body even more than a vitamin D supplement, however supplements can help too. A moderate dose taken in advance of an infection, regularly, was found most effective for preventing respiratory infections, compared to a megadose taken after an infection was already present.

High dose vitamin C given intravenously or by liposomal vitamin C supplements can help reduce and repair damaging chemicals produced in an overactive immune response – a cytokine storm. The FDA stopped use of Intravenous Vit. C early in the Covid19 outbreak. Why? It has had a lot of study for cytokine storm/sepsis and has had little risks, is very available and inexpensive. About 15% of the population genetically are at greater risk for having a cytokine storm excessive response to any severe infection or vaccination challenge to the immune system. A sensible health care system would screen out those people and not challenge their immune system with ‘preventive’ injections of antigens and adjuvents – and/or would be ready to quickly provide the intravenous vitamin C treatment and stop the cytokine storm from causing organ damage or death.

Sensible does not seem to exist in the modern medical system. Patient self advocacy may now be critically, life saving-ly, important to individuals.

Dr. Peter Fleming has provided a thorough analysis of the COVID19 pandemic response and the fraudulent numbers that people are being given as “informed consent” information.

  • Dr. Peter Fleming, Live from Event 2021 in Dallas, Texas, (

Just because nutrients and foods are inexpensive, readily available, and effective – doesn’t mean they are bad for you, only bad for a profit margin or a goal of ill health — or death.

Seriously, a half million people are dead in the US and 80% of them were vitamin D deficient – why aren’t we being told to take vitamin D supplements or get adequate sunshine – if health is truly the goal?

Be an owner of your own health.

Lucky, lucky, Dominican Republic – why are their deaths so much lower? They used Ivermectin for early treatment for SARS-CoV2.

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