Transparency of my life as a US citizen.

The US is a surveillance nation with a military budget that couldn’t account for $21 trillion dollars, and it has been admitted that there have been lies about the military actions in Afghanistan for the last 18 years. Allegedly some of that $21 trillion has been frittered on surveillance of my life which is livestreamed on the deep-net somewhere. It has seemed to be being used as a distraction from more important events, a titillating secret that many know about but not all, and more may know of it than have the link.

Discussion of surveillance and mind control techniques that may be in use in the UK and probably elsewhere http://

I don’t know. Part of US psy ops goals is to psychologically break the person’s mental health literally or just so it seems that they are crazy to their family . The purpose is to discredit their work or credibility as a witness or whistleblower – find something and skew it negatively if need be – or even set up the person with temptation of some sort. The US is a blackmail culture and part of the Q messaging was that the blackmail network was going to be stopped and arrested. It never seemed happen, yet. Faith, there is evidence and witnesses that suggest it is a significant long-term and international as well as a national problem. The US government also blackmails though. How do we know who the good guys are?

The alleged blackmail network traffics children for sex and blood cannibalism. Early death is likely allegedly. Satanic rituals have been reported by survivors and a handler/whistleblower. Traumatizing the children is part of the goal prior to use of the fresh blood to increase the adrenochrome content, a metabolite of adrenalin, a stress chemical that would be increased by fear. (Yes gore is gross, so is child abuse and murder.) The purpose of political blackmail is to then have control over the person who is in a position of power – like having a slave kind of, or a secret employee. Network many of them together, in various roles in police, judicial, Foster Care, media, and government, and you have a powerful group that can protect anyone who gets exposed – or “suicide” them maybe – allegedly it is a dangerous group to talk about or cross.

Media and government have focused on the January 6 insurrection being by and about White Supremacy when the individual voices more frequently mentioned the child abuse network as their reason for being at the Capital Building.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is also part of the reason for traumatizing the young children. Some of them might survive to have the multiple personality type mental condition with memory blocks to the trauma, protecting the inner child psyche from the abuse. The government CIA wanted to have controllable spies and assassins per Freedom of Information Act documents, along with other goals for experimentation. The techniques date back further allegedly learned from elite European families by Dr. Mengele of the Nazi’s and then the US/Canada areas allegedly for work for the CIA as Dr. Green – maybe, roughly – it all gets a little convoluted but where there is a lot of smoke there likely is a fire.

Operation Paperclip brought many Nazi military and scientists to the US with fake names in many cases allegedly and per the CIA website. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1952 – someone getting concerned about the illegality of the project and to stop recruiting German scientists: 6, Project 63 not discontinued on Feb 27, 1952: 7, the JIOA Denial Program of German Scientists, Project 63: 8, Most recruits went into private industry but also were considered by the three military divisions for best fit of the skills, most went into private industry jobs per this lengthy letter describing what the German scientist might experience once arrived in the U.S.; includes a list of 14 recruit names & salaries they were earning in the US : 9, Lengthier string of letters and memos, includes some cut off in earlier links – shut the program down, 1946 was then, 1951 problems are now – roughly – people are talking, we don’t want it to get worse: 10)

From: Frankfurt, To OSI, 20 Feb 52, Priority To: Wash Re UR 27521 (our 56958) view probable damaging effects present JIOA recruitent effort with great concern. Considey [sic] possible conflict with NATO and EDC negotiations on German participation. What is State Department view? Can present recuritment [sic] be stopped pending through reexamination? Although damage to intelligence operations important, probable political repercussions far outweigh any other consideration. Cannot overemphasize importance of immediate action to stop recruitment unless demanded by imminent emergency situation. Forgoing my views only based on discussions with SRD/MSB and others. HICOB sending separate query to State Department attention Koepfli. Declassified and released by Central Intelligence Agency sources Methods Exemption 3020 Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act 6
Progect 63 (ex-Paperclip).

This is all a government secret, shhhh.

There is more to this story that we aren’t supposed to talk about. Possibly to be continued…

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