Fluoridation of drinking water and fluorosis

President Putin of the Russian Federation is banning fluoridation of drinking water. He revealed that during World War II both the Russians and Nazi Germans added sodium fluoride to the prison drinking water supply in order to keep prisoners docile and stupid. He is concerned about the long term health of the human species. See more: Putin Bans Fluoride in Russia, (NewsPunch). (alleged to be disinformation)(rumors about use in Nazi concentration camps stated to be untrue by historian, Russian prison camp rumor not confirmed or denied, PolitiFact)(U.S. rumors about water fluoridation being a communist plot date back to the 40’s and 50’s when it was first being introduced, MotherJones) Whether or not the Putin quote is real, (I haven’t found a credible source yet), this article presents a balanced discussion of the history of fluoridation, conspiracy theories, and real health facts – dental cavities have decreased across Europe whether communities fluoridate their water or not – see:

A recent report stated that 65 percent of U.S. children have dental fluorosis at varying levels of severity – dental fluorosis is spotting of the tooth enamel due to elevated levels of fluoride. Skeletal fluorosis can occur with chronic fluoride exposure and cause negative symptoms such as joint pain or stiffness (WHO/fluorosis). The report included previous data and the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis in U.S. children (age 12-15) was found to have increased significantly from 1986-87 (22% of children with 1.2% having moderate to severe fluorosis) to 2011-12 (65% of children with 30.4% having moderate to severe fluorosis). The level of severity increased the most between 1999-2004 to 2011-12 (3.7% to 30.4%). The rate of prevalence increased more steadily over the time span (22%, 41%, 65% of children with fluorosis) than the sudden increase in rate of more severe symptoms.

“total prevalence increased from 22% to 41% to 65% in the 1986-1987, 1999-2004, and 2011-2012 surveys, respectively. The rate of combined moderate and severe increased the most, from 1.2% to 3.7% to 30.4%.”
 (March 2019 , Journal of Dental Research – Clinical & Transactional Research) (ChildrensHealthDefense/Don’t Eat the Toothpaste)

Fluoride as a dental cavity prevention strategy has been found to be topical, surface rinses could protect children’s teeth from cavities without risking the health of the entire population across the lifespan. Fluoride can accumulate and increase health risks later in life. (a review of research:
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3956646/ ) It has been found to be a neurotoxin and seems to reduce cognitive development in children. (
https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/features/fluoride-childrens-health-grandjean-choi/ )

Fluoride causes diabetes in lab animals and is also associated with increased risk of diabetes in humans. A summary of a review of research on the topic includes a list of other known adverse health effects of chronic fluoride intake/exposure: Fluoride Causes Diabetes.

Having adequate iodine helps energy levels and all of the glands in the body, not just the thyroid. The pancreas is also a gland and needs iodine too. Having plenty of iodine in the diet may help the body remove fluoride as well as providing adequate iodine for the thyroid, pancreas and other glands. Health information and food sources for iodine and selenium: G9. Iodine & Thyroid.

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