No one is illegal.

Children have been separated from their asylum seeking families and kept in tents in detention centers in the U.S.. Two children and a toddler have died in U.S. custody. Unsafe conditions in the nations that people have been leaving were caused in part by previous U.S. policies.

Climate change is going to lead to more issues in the future due to weather related disasters or loss of normal crops or marine harvests. The U.S. was built on First Nation lands by immigrants.

More images including some narrative and descriptions are available in an album

The image album includes images of the camp before it was being taken down and during the process. A few shots may include children walking in a row in the distance. Anyone in a bright yellow green vest would be an employee.

The image collection also includes images of the border wall and views of Mexico through a small opening in the fence or through the fencing grid. Yellow-headed blackbirds migrate through the area. There is a wetland on the Mexico side of the border. The birds are said in local legend to show up when someone is leaving – approximately 3000 children leaving to go to a sponsor home or a state run foster care type home this year. One video of the flock of birds flying in a murmuration display is included along with some views of the flock in flight, roosting along telephone wires and also in a large mass in an open area within the fenced enclosure. Freedom – free to fly!

The last of the children left on Friday January 11, 2019, generally flying out from a nearby airport to meet a sponsor family in another state.

No Estan Solos – You are not alone.

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