Collectivist and Individualist Cultures and long term survival

If the mission is long term survival of the human species and as many other species as possible (because more biodiversity in an ecosystem has been shown to be linked with less harmful pathogens and disease), then it makes sense to take note that the Chinese civilization (a collectivist culture) has already survived as a nation for over 5000 years.

Having made that point I’ll let someone else add more detail: China vs. America; Managing the Next Clash of Civilizations, by Graham Allison, Aug. 15, 2017, Foreign Affairs, Sept/Oct 2017, available online: (

And for background information a psychology wikia page on the topic is asking for specialist in the field of study to refine the page, but for getting started purposes it provides the basics: Collectivist and Individualist Cultures

Trying to change lead into gold or apples into oranges is a waste of time – appreciating the value of differences and building on the strengths of each and recognizing the weaknesses of each might help us all (our great-great-great’s grandchildren) be speaking some language 5000 years from now instead of the planet returning to giant pool of sulfur loving bacteria. In evolutionary terms the sulfur loving bacteria ruled a very long time. They are theorized to be the first form of life to have survived the heat and low oxygen levels of the early volcanic time period of our planet’s history. (sulfur-loving bacteria/ page 16, 1000 Events that Shaped the World, National Geographic Society (U.S.))

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