Yemen in the News

Our actions have consequences. The United States of America is a baby nation compared to most other countries. Stewardship of the land has been disrespected since white man first invaded America and now corporate outsourcing is sending bad business practices into other people’s back yards.
Why would citizens in Yemen want a pipeline that takes their limited resources, most of the profit and ruins their land? Some of them don’t like the pipeline that is owned and operated by foreigners but is located in their backyard.

  • A suicide bomber was killed along with 90+ Yemeni soldiers. The Al Queda response stated that the attack was in  “retaliation for the Yemeni army’s attacks and U.S. drone strikes in the southern part of the country.” [link(5/21/12)]
  • A spy infiltrated an Al Queda cell and brought out a bomb by pretending to be a suicide bomber. [link(5/8/2012)]

The law of supply and demand suggests that the Al Queda resistance won’t stop until the demand for freedom from foreign occupation is addressed.

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