Prion like concerns about the spike protein

Quick post – see this link for more information about a recently published article about the concern that there are prion like changes to the spike protein of SARS-COV-2, unlike any other coronavirus. The possibility that the spike itself is a bioweapon is a real concern by many scientists.

Discussion of prion and metastatic cancer similarities and CoV: http:// , references two 1) http:// 2) http://

Article by Dr. Lidiya Angelova, about concerns regarding the safety of the blood supply. A,nyone who got a CoV gene treatment is in an experiment and should not donate blood or plasma, yet there has been no warning not to. We don’t really know that the gene treatments or spike protein are safe – it is a three year long experiment. http://

If concerned about elective surgery you may be able to plan ahead and have some of your own blood stored as a supply for your surgery.

Nutrients can help clear out crud.

Niacin and other B vitamins, C, magnesium, and other nutrients all help give us energy and can help reduce toxins to a safer chemical form, and help us remove debris for reuse as nutrients, food for cells, instead of faming chemicals cluttering up our extracellular matrix, a jelly like substance.

Glycine is an amino acid that strengthens the extracellular matrix and defense against pathogens.

Some other amino acids help too. See work of Dmitry Kats, PhD http://

There may be more nutrients involved too, but those are important ones.
Dmitry Kats’, PhD, recommendations for high dose niacin and cofactors to promote increased removal of inflammation and cellular debris.

Previous posts have discussed the niacin use in more detail. This has links to earlier ones on niacin & other nutrients: http://

Pomegranate peel may also be helpful because it has phytonutrients that may clump nanoparticles into clusters large enough for our cellular debris mechanism to work. Nanoparticles are too small for the normal processes. Pomegranate peel may also help with metals/minerals, and has many anti-viral and anti-inflammatory benefits.

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