Covid-19 info page added to a new site

Apologies for not getting more progress done on my book project. I have added a summary page with Covid-19 information and links for more information to a new website,, and a copy to 19 information.

Some of the information is still in research phases, however it is a novel – new virus so everything about the infection and illness and slow recovery or chronic phases is also new – still in research phases. Please read with caution and common sense. Megadoses of foods or supplements of nutrients or phytonutrients can be a health risk and may not be necessary.

As described in the book excerpt in the last post, many phytonutrients are helpful as modulators – helping increase a low response or to reduce an overactive response which means taking more will likely not cause any more of an effect than taking some.

The new website is still in preliminary phases – my goal is to have a site that combines themes from my other sites –

  • is focused on how technology plus human effort could help our planet and ocean health.
  • is focused on the interconnectedness of peace and adequate housing, food, water, and biodiversity, along with connectedness between social groups. Humans are designed for social groups, isolation can be unhealthy.
  • is in a book format with a focus on why policy is important and what might be involved in developing policies that are more likely to be effective, considering human nature – we all have foibles and quirks and some of it is instinctual. Recognizing that our instincts are unspoken, yet real, can help in developing policies that work around some of those human quirks. The blog associated with this site,, is basically a more condensed copy of – my first draft blog – here is where my work tends to start and then gets more organized elsewhere.
  • predated the more detailed book/site.
Graphic, sunrise with a Venn Diagram showing an overlap of "Peace is Happiness" "Peace is a healthy Environment" Peace is Health & Wellness" "Family & Friends" "Sense of Purpose" "Diversity" "Peace"
Peace may require adequate resources, community, and a healthy environment.

The planet is home for all of us, and all of life, without it we have no home.

Peace and love to you all.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of Fair Use. It is not intended to provide individual guidance. Please seek a health care provider for individualized health care guidance.