Asking for help and receiving it, silently

Recently I read an article that suggested people may think it a weakness to offer help without asking for help or advice also. Silently or occasionally with audio, the search engine provides millions of articles, books and other links that can be very helpful and provide advice or guidance. My newer website includes a more organized format for reference lists and it includes hundreds of people offering expert research or other information. The first section of twelve chapters is kind of a how to section for basic research and policy development information.

The second section includes more of what I would consider self help guidance for specific conditions and includes research by others but also some original work if my insights regarding the research topics and some recipes with an overview about modifying recipes for special need diets. Stress and Relaxation is a lengthy section that includes information on magnesium and oxidative stress. Formaldehyde is discussed in that section. Preeclampsia and other TRP channel conditions such as migraines and chronic itch are discussed here:

The TRP channels can be activated by warm or cold temperatures and over activation can result from stress and trauma history. They are like valves or faucet taps in cell membranes. They help prevent bursting if there is increased pressure by leaking in response to pressure. Picture a water balloon being overfilled – instead of popping it would just start leaking all over the surface as if it had turned into a sponge surface instead of a plastic water balloon.

The website – the rowboat of preventative health and other information to try out if interested – is called

Political leadership that recognizes underlying needs of physiology-how the body works- is important though and I was always serious about it because acceptance of phospholipids as essential nutrients is critical to having better health . Many issues involve a problem or deficiency in cannabinoids or phospholipids. Infant health and fertility for men and women involve them – research needs to be allowed.

Chronic illness is a serious problem which results in the loss of the sick person’s skills and tax revenue and that of the caregivers whose time might be needed in increasing amounts to the point that they also are no longer able to work and produce tax revenue.

This problem is only going to get worse as the Baby Boomer generation ages due to the increased numbers of that generation compared to later generations and when combined with the increasing f percent of children with autism and other serious chronic physical or mental health conditions.

I persevere because we all need to persevere, we are at a crossroads for human health and the planet’s ecosystems.

Jokes are funnier when survival isn’t the punchline.

I have saved lives and the people involved as parents or the person were very grateful, and recognizing a need and intervening in some way was needed. I also saw some situations that seemed problems and I didn’t intervene and it did turn out to be life threatening – so that may have made me more tenacious about sticking with a problem when I think it may be life threatening.

┬áNot talking about our increasing levels of chronic illness and mental health problems and increased risk of child trauma in our increasingly da versus and stressful world doesn’t help us improve as a society or as individual adults or parents – so I will persevere – in locations that don’t get above 80′ degrees very often due to my health problems.


Disclosure: This information is being provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of Fair Use. While I am a Registered Dietitian it is not intended to provide individualized health care guidance. Please seek an individual health care professional for individualized health care guidance. Thanks.