Why care about expertise? or who cares?

Expertise in the modern age seems to have gained a negative view by many on both sides of the political divide. Liberals and Conservatives were found to doubt research that disagreed with their previous beliefs on a topic rather than doubt the beliefs. The ease of searching out an overview on a topic in our modern internet age may have something to do with the tendency to doubt expert research or it may also have to do with the increasing complexity of our everyday world according to an overview article on the topic. Read more: https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/united-states/2017-02-13/how-america-lost-faith-expertise?cid=int-an2&pgtype=hpg&region=br1

Experts do care, but the article suggests they’ve gotten frustrated with trying to explain why their information is important or may be tired of trying to defend against attacks from the non-expert search engine-using experts who are now everywhere, and are talking among themselves about their expert experience and research findings – that may not be helping the rest of us non-experts who admit we don’t know it all even with the help of the search engine.

Why care? It helps guide safe and effective policy decisions in our ever increasingly complex world. It may also help guide safer policies regarding international diplomacy. An example from the article follows but I’m not going to give any hints:

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