Finding one’s life purpose in three steps

The three steps can be found in the linked article: [link] The strategy involves brainstorming until reaching an emotional reaction like crying at one of your listed ideas. It didn’t take me long to reach tears:

My life purpose is to enjoy it

is to dance

is to teach

is to nurture

is to be at peace

My life purpose is to create baby slings and promote happy mother baby dyads.

After I stopped crying (that is how you know you reached an idea that is important to you) I realized that the short ideas fit together within the more specific life purpose statement. Babies are soothed by gentle dance motions and teaching mothers nurturing techniques can help the infant and the family be more at peace.

In the past I developed a baby sling for my own infants and I shared the design with a few other parents over the years. It had already been on my mind to make another one when I tried the life purpose exercise. Baby wearing can help the infant’s digestive system and the mood of mother and baby can be improved. [1] The baby sling I designed is a little different than the type available in the link but I have seen the Maya Wraps and heard positive feedback about them. They have the big advantage of being currently available along with video guides. Mine currently is a pattern in a box somewhere but promoting happy mothers and babies was also part of the life purpose statement I wrote.

There may have been some bias involved in my attempt at the life purpose exercise – crying over babies – kind of a given – I may have to try again: [link]

Happy New Year and best wishes for finding and achieving your own life purpose goals.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of Fair Use.