A greenhouse ap for revealing political donations

My new hero is a sixteen year old interested in politics and coding. He created an ap that reveals the amount and types of donations that a politician received. The information is available as a pop up that can appear while reading an article that includes the names of current politicians. The pop up includes the campaign donation information gathered during the last election cycle by the website opensecrets.org. A click on the pop-up can take you to that website for more recent fund-raising totals or to other sites regarding the politician’s support of campaign finance reform .

An interview reveals more about the ap and the inventor’s goals of increased transparency in politics. [1]

And the ap is free and available to download for use with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. See the website for more information about using the ap and for links to download: [2]

Corporate personhood may make sense to the Supreme Court but they aren’t the ones who issue birth certificates.  You can call me old fashioned but I like personhood to include an actual person.