Six minute video – explains viral infections & how the government recommendations are wrong

Following helpful guidance is a good idea. Following dangerous guidance is dangerous and therefore a bad idea.

Trusting authority figures and our government is standard from childhood and our social instincts. It is uncomfortable to question that instinct or the authority figure. Discerning adults seek evidence from varied sources and form their own opinion about recommendations.

Dr. Dan Stock gives a short presentation to the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana.

He discussed the epidemic wave patterns and other viral illnesses. History has proven that virus with animal reservoirs can not be eradicated. Policies suggesting that is a reasonable or realistic goal are inherently wrong and therefore organizations need to question guidance suggesting impossible goals and requiring changes that are ineffective and expensive in money, health, or loss of personal freedom.

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Disclaimer: This information is being presented for educational purposes within the guidelines of Fair Use and is not intended to provide individual health care guidance.

FDA witness testimony- video

A Doctor Speaking At The FDA’s Public Session… Explains How His Wife Was Dropped From The Clinical Trials After Suffering An Adverse Event… He Claims Her Data Was Not Included In The Results… He Claims There Are Many More Like Her… 

FDA testimony by Brian Dressen, Ph.D. regarding his wife’s experiences after having an adverse reaction to a first CoV injection. He said her reaction was not described in the trial results and that participants had similar experiences.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use and is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please seek individualized health care guidance for that purpose.

Nutrients may be false hope against the various risks, (videos), none or immediate removal? (cupping video).

More microscopic analysis found various unknown contaminants, and very damaged blood cells in samples of blood from CoV injected people compared to normal blood. The idea that detox is adequate protection may be false hope. If blood cell coagulation occurs extensively throughout the body – nothing can really stop that much of an over reaction.

My condolences.

Low mineral status may increase risk of a worse reaction within the blood to the suspected graphene oxide content of the CoV injections. Very high dose vitamin C is typically safe, however it can be a pro-oxidant too – and cause more oxidation. Lower doses of antioxidants or other types may be safer if CoV injections were received. Antioxidants are given for cytokine storm, extreme blood coagulation is a different type of over reaction.

Live contaminants may also be a concern.

A Thing has been found in CoV injection vials that may be a AI/tech Trypanosoma parasitic hybrid, which may be intended to promote changes in human genetic code, rather than just promote a temporary mRNA protein production. Unknown, but research exists on the topic.

Video of microscopic analysis by a physician (referred to as Dr. Peggy) with 30 years of experience looking at blood samples (over 60 vaccinated samples were examined).

  • Video with Dr. Peggy’s slide images: Scary new evidence: I can’t believe this is happening. (1)
Unknown ‘thing’ found by Dr. Peggy, in the blood sample of a CoV injected person. Scary new evidence: I can’t believe this is happening. (1)

The ‘graphene oxide’ like cluster may be crystalized nitric oxide. “It’s not graphene. It’s crystalized nitric oxide.” Frank J. Herrmann (2) Nitric oxide can be helpful in moderate amounts and become a problem in excessive levels which can occur in inflammatory situations. (3)

More information is in this article about the potential parasite/graphene oxide organism. Pay attention to the later section with an interview by Dr. Franc Zewlewski. The swabs used to ‘test’ with PCR screening are likely taking DNA samples.

  • Article and a video: Parasitic Organism Dubbed “The Thing” Found in COVID Vaccines | Dr. Franc Zalewski: “That’s Why There’s Graphene Added Inside the Vaccines, Which Nourishes the Egg” (9)

Dr. Franc Zewlewski also has an image of the swabs used to ‘test’ with PCR screening which suggest they are specialized devices for scraping off microscopic DNA samples of the person.

Bill Gates and Soros are two involved in purchasing the company that makes CoV swabs that were mentioned by Dr Franc Zalewski.

  • George Soros and Bill Gates Part of Team Purchasing COVID-19 Test Company. (5)

Graphene oxide, in medical research

The honeycomb pattern that forms with graphene oxide, in sheets or linear shapes, can be seen in the graphic below, via @CeceliaNordens1

”antibody-modified graphene oxide ” Strepatavin modified, building grapheneoxid, means the T-cell alteration is for building grapheneoxid, but causing mutations” – Cecelia Nordenstam, @CeceliaNordens1 Tweet: (6), included: ( 7 ) .

Adoptive T cell therapy, Chimeric antigen receptor-T cell, and alteration on NK-cells meaning vaccinated needs replacement therapy“, – @CeceliaNordens1, included: (8 ).

Example of antibody-modified graphene oxide for capturing CTCs. (A) A reduce graphene oxide film efficiently captures circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from clinical blood samples. (B) Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) image of the reduced graphene oxide (rGO) layer-by-layer structure, and (C) an anti-Epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) -rGO film after capture CTCs. (D) The modification steps of anti-EpCAM-rGO film. (E) Schematic of CTC capture system using functionalized graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets on a patterned gold surface. (F) Example of antibody-modified graphene oxide for capturing CTCs. (F) Schematic of a polymer-GO microfluidic device. Figures (A-D) reproduced with permission of [77], Wiley © , 2015; (E) [76], Springer Nature © , 2013; (F) [81] Wiley © , 2016..” (7.1) (Chen et al., 2019) ( 7 )
  • Thread about the research on graphene oxide and parasite use : Twitter Thread: (6); References from the Thread: (7, 7.1, 8, 9)
  • Thread unroll of a reply to that Tweet, includes research previously done using graphene oxide and parasites for genetic research type purposes. Unroll: (6.1), Tweet: (6.2)

Cupping, ancient technique that may have special value in modern times.

Video of cupping technique post CoV injection, not for squeamish viewers, shows a shimmery black spot in the center of the collected/coagulated blood. A different video had voiceover explaining that the process needed to be done quickly after the injected material is given, within 30 minutes, so it would need to be arranged in advance with someone knowledgeable about the technique.

Search term to check for a local provider: hijama therapy. An acupuncture practitioner might offer hijama cupping.

Dry cupping is used to increase circulation, no cuts are made in the skin, the vacuum pressure affect with a series of cups may help increase circulation along that area of the body. Wet cupping has a series of shallow cuts made at the cupping location to withdraw blood under pressure. (6) That is more like the traditional field method for sucking out snake bite toxins.

Chinese cupping vaccine BLOOD removal shows vax turns blood into CLOTTED JELLY.

Nature provides many anti-parasitics which are also protective in other ways, they protect the plants! Graphene oxide too? Parasites too?

Plants make phytonutrients and nutrients in order to protect themselves from parasites and oxidative stress. Many help against a variety of pathogens and are anti-inflammatory. Most help promote Nrf2, which helps with immune function and our own antioxidant production. Low levels of Nrf2 was associated with more severe Covid19. [ref to add] Healing from an infection is one thing, early treatment of many types does help against CoV infection, however the CoV injections are telling the body to make the toxic chimeric spike protein – and put it on cell surfaces. The spike is a little velcro like and tends to cause cell clustering and then the membranes may fuse so it is a multi-nucleated mass, synctia.

The injections also contain graphene oxide and live parasite like objects have been found in several samples, from different brands. Random bad sterile technique would result in a variety of species of different types, not one specific type, that happens to be used in genetic research – in my opinion at least. Add up all the bad and the risk of the blood changes, immune cell damage – too great a risk to expect phytonutrients to help.

However they can indeed help – just will it be enough? No experimental potentially deadly product seems safest. However life is full of risk, and stuff already happened – the anti-parasitics are also anti-virals and anti-cancer and seem to help autoimmune disease. The same property is involved – the phytonutrient carries zinc to an iron rich cell and delivers it, where it disrupts protein replication and stops an infected cell from replicating the pathogen, stops a cancer cell from replicating, or stops an autoimmune cell from doing whatever might be going on – or it might be acting as an iron chelator in that case and binding excess electrically active free iron.

The same anti-parasitic medication or phytonutrient frequently can help parasitic, or viral, or cancer, (4), or autoimmune disease – in part because it is also an iron chelator and excess iron is involved in the inflammatory and/or infectious process.

Many anti-parasitics are also iron chelators conveniently – helping with two problems that may be involved in spike infection or injection related issues. Severe infection or inflammation causes a change in iron from hemoglobin where it might be easier for pathogens to access, into cellular storage as ferritin or free iron. If this reaction is too severe then the body can’t cope with the electrically active iron – it is oxidative – it causes rust – we can’t Rustoleum our insides? or can we? We can with help from nature, iron chelators bind the electrically active iron into a non-damaging inactive form, and the plant world contains many phytonutrients with the ability to bind iron (or zinc, most are also zinc ionophores).

Iron chelators that are also anti-parasitic include: EGCG (green tea, 2-3 cups ~ 200 mg, pomegranate peel, I use 1/4 teaspoon of the inner peel dehydrated about twice a day), quercetin (onion, pear skin, figs, greens, citrus peel), artemisinin (Wormwood species, mugwort), berberine (Goldenseal and other herbals), black walnut extract, (ref), olive leaf extract, clove oil, (ref), oregano oil, resveratrol (grape skin extract, red wine), (ref), N-actyl-cysteine, NAC, (an amino acid found in most protein rich foods in animal or plant based diets – get adequate protein anyway!) – for example.

Clove oil also has nitric oxide (“NO*“) scavenging ability: “Furthermore, the essential oil inhibited Fe(2+) and SNP-induced MDA production and exhibited antioxidant activities through their NO*, OH*, scavenging and Fe(2+)- chelating abilities.” (ref)

Black walnut extract is made from the outer green husks that protect the inner walnut that we are more used to seeing – think of it as being similar to the outer rind of the pomegranate peel – very bitter, very potent, high in tannins which are medicinal in small amounts and can be used to tan animal hide into usable leather in large amounts. It is protecting the inner seed that the plant is trying to grow for the next generation of plants.

The phytonutrient in the black walnut extract, juglone, is something to use carefully as it can act as an anti-oxidant or a pro-oxidant, so dosing may need to be within a narrow range. However it may be worth working out an optimal dose as it can also protect against the protein misfolding problem seen in Alzheimer’s dementia. (ref, graphic of juglone’s benefits/mechanism of action)

Artemesia species (over 500) are mostly all anti-parasitic. The best known include: Artemesia absenthium (called Wormwood) contains thujone which can be a deadly seizure risk in excess, and the tea is very bitter. Artemesia annua (called Sweet Wormwood or Sweet Annie) is less bitter as tea and does not contain thujone. It is used to extract artemisinin. The absenthium or mugwort, Artemesia vulgaris is also a source of artemisinin. Other anti-malaria phytonutrients must be present also, as Artemesia afra (ref) is said to be safer for women of child-bearing years because it is not a source of artemisinin, which can be inflammatory in excess, or long term use. (anecdotal conversation) Other phytonutrients in wormwood species are beneficial and anti-inflammatory.

Tea – use a heaping teaspoon of Sweet Wormwood for a cup of hot water, ~ 180’F) let steep for a few minutes. Use less, one level teaspoon possibly if making tea with Artemesia absenthium.

Other anti-parasitics include: black walnut extract, Diatomaceous Earth, garlic, nicotine, and topically for skin fungal infection, but not nails or scalp, undecylenic acid. The high dose niacin protocol, plus cofactors, would also help the body remove parasites or other cellular debris or pathogens.

NAC, N-acetyl cysteine can also help with infection and graphene oxide (GO) removal. Bentonite clay may help with GO removal also.

Other Iron Chelators include: Lactoferrin (a raw milk product, may be not be an allergy risk, check it)

Niacin/Melatonin Protocol by Dmitry Kats, Ph.D; for How-To’s and Cautions, for starting the high dose niacin protocol, see: Niacin, & early treatment in general for SARS-CoV-2 is sensible, reduces hospitalization and mortality rate. (

Disclaimer: Information is being shared for educational purposes within the guidelines of Fair Use and is not intended to provide individual guidance. Please seek individual health care providers for individual health care guidance.

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Prenatal ultrasounds are a great idea, but for baby too?

I told you the last story to tell you a different one. My father is not a computer scientist but as a mechanical engineer and he liked to build things in his spare time in a home workshop with many tools with which he could custom make hand engineered parts built to fit whatever the project required.

As a professional mechanical engineer he worked on national defense projects for a company who contracted with the U.S. government.  He didn’t own the patents on any of his work as a employee; all rights to his inventions and collaborations remained the property of the company. Feeling proud to work in defense of your country is a reward in itself.

One of the projects he worked on in collaboration with two other engineers is still in active production. Underwater detection of submarines is performed with sound-waves, somewhat like whale’s communicating with songs that travel across oceans, or like bat’s sending out clicks and listening for the rebound in echo location. Fascinating and not my area to try to explain in more detail. The Sonar detecting equipment that my father helped invent is still in production for the defense of the nation and I am very proud of him and his work.

Since the initial invention of the sound-wave technology the same “ultrasound” technology was adapted for use to make black and white images of the interior of the body that are formed of soft tissue and can’t be viewed with an X-Ray in the way that hard bone tissue can be viewed. The ultrasound technology can be used to view organs or look for tumors and it is now regularly used to view and make images of a fetus during it’s prenatal development.

The use of ultrasound imaging for viewing babies has become almost standard as an early proof of pregnancy even though it is not necessary as lab tests checking hormonal changes are also performed.

The use of ultrasound imaging during pregnancies has become standard in the United States, however women in China may not receive an ultrasound during their pregnancies.

To skip back to the whale song momentarily — try to visualize the sound-waves of a deep long note or tone that is strong enough to travel across an ocean and now the bat clicking. The deep long note travels across the ocean from one whale to another and is heard as communication.  Or the clicks of a dolphin or a bat are sent out in long deep or shorter more rapid notes that bounces off an object and returns to be interpreted as a map or echo location. Now try to visualize the ultrasound technician holding an ultrasound device that sends long deep notes through the abdomen into the watery environment surrounding or making up the body of the baby. Sound travels well through liquid and it would be loud.

Research studies on the effects of ultrasound imaging on the expected fetus took place in China with a group of women who were requesting abortions. Other studies with animal subjects have replicated part of the results which showed that ultrasound could cause fetal cells to move out of place within the developing infant. Ultrasound waves when held in one place for a longer time and at a closer distance were found to cause actual movement of fetal cells out of their normal positions.  [The animal-based research study.]

Other risks were also noted in the research performed in China, most significantly when the imaging wand was used for ten minutes instead of three and when it was used in an internal, vaginal position instead of using a larger external sweeping motion across the expanse of the abdomen. [pubmed/11776185 ]

The other risks to the infant included increased heat especially within the bony cavity of the skull which has been studied elsewhere without any babies. A container of water was found to consistently have an increase in temperature occur after just one minute of ultrasound exposure. Specific types of ultrasound devices vary somewhat and the recommendations and cautions regarding ultrasound use in pregnancy are available in this research article: [PMC4547707 ] Avoiding use of ultrasounds during the first trimester is recommended in the article and using the lowest settings possible for patients who have a medical need for ultrasound imaging is recommended for prenatal patients in later stages of pregnancy.

Gastroschisis is a rare medical condition in a developing fetus that might require an ultrasound for diagnosis around 18-20 weeks/gestation as surgery would be needed shortly after the baby’s birth as the condition would likely be deadly otherwise. An opening in the infant’s abdomen near the umbilical cord allows some of the intestine and/or liver to be outside of the body. []

Protecting the developing brain of the fetus is important throughout the pregnancy but  the greatest risk to the fetus from ultrasounds may occur during the first trimester according to a research study that took place elsewhere than China.

  • A book, 50 Human Studies, in Utero, Conducted in Modern China, Indicate Extreme Risk for Prenatal Ultrasound: A New Bibliography by Jim West, a non-Chinese scientist, is available in which the findings from the Chinese studies are summarized for English readers and a Japanese translation is now also available. The book is mentioned on the following site along with a variety of links to research on the topic of the use of ultrasounds prenatally and a potential increased risk for autism developing in the infant later in life:
  • A lengthy review of the book and the history of how it came to be written by Jim West is available here: Human Studies.
  • An excerpt summarizes the recommendation regarding ultrasound use prenatally based on findings by a project that ultimately involved approximately 100 scientists in China and 2,700 maternal-fetal pairs, between 1988-2011 :

“From these human studies, Professor Ruo Feng, of the Acoustic Institute at Nanjing University, published guidelines in 2000:

“Commercial or educational fetal ultrasound imaging should be strictly eliminated. Ultrasound for the identification of fetal sex and fetal entertainment imaging should be strictly eliminated. For the best early pregnancy, avoid ultrasound.”

Ruo Feng, who reviewed many of the studies, stipulated that routine ultrasound be avoided. Only if there were exceptional medical indications should ultrasound be allowed, and at minimum intensity. Sessions should be very brief, no more than 3 minutes, 5 minutes at most. Multiple sessions should be avoided because hazards are cumulative. Human studies had found sensitive organs damaged at 1 minute exposure.

The Chinese studies echo and confirm the earlier, ignored and rejected, 1984 “Consensus Statement”, published by the National Institute of Health and signed by the preeminent American scientists of that era. 2″  – Human Studies

  • I learned of this research on the potential risks of ultrasound when researching other topics on possible causes of autism. Many factors may be involved in the risk of autism developing, which, in combination, can lead to changes occurring in the developing fetus that aren’t obvious in the infant but which may flair up into an autoimmune-like reaction during toddler-hood if there are enough negative factors and not enough or an adequate variety of nutrients and other positive factors in the child’s home life. Genetic susceptibilities are also involved but none identified thus far have been found to lead to autism without there being additional environmental toxins or nutrient deficiencies involved.
  • Autism can be caused by the use of thalidomide prenatally. That wouldn’t be recommended as the medication can also cause physical birth defects when used during a pregnancy, however it is a medication used for some non-pregnancy related conditions and there might be an occasional unplanned pregnancy. The point is not only that planning pregnancies is recommended so that prenatal vitamins can be started months in advance (ideally a year prior to conception for least risk of autism in one study); and so that potentially toxic medications can be gradually stopped before trying to conceive; but that if autism can be caused by a medication then how could it also be a natural variation?
  • Family studies suggest that personality traits slightly similar to autistic characteristics can be more common in the family members of patients with autism. Protecting the developing fetus from ultrasounds that are too intense, or go on for too long a time causing over-heating can be a simple way to help protect the child’s true genetic potential. Higher functioning people with Asperger’s like symptoms and skills may represent the more natural variation end of the autism spectrum while patients at the least functioning end of the spectrum have likely been exposed to more variety of toxins and possibly with less nutrients available or less genetic detoxification ability available to excrete the toxins.
  • The use of ultrasounds in addition to other factors may all be adding up to increased rate of autism that has been seen in our modern culture.
  • Using equipment that was originally designed to  detect submarines to take pictures of a developing infant is a practice to use cautiously rather than allowing it to become typical for all pregnancies or to be available for non-medical reasons, possibly performed by non-medical staff who may not follow safe procedures in the pursuit of a better image. In some areas the technology has been used for photo-booth type purposes, “Have you noticed ultrasound boutiques popping up in strip malls?”. Read more: Ultrasound Concerns for Baby’s Development.
  • If the damage can accumulate with repeated exposure as suggested by the statement by Dr. Ruo Feng then each additional ultrasound may be adding to the risk of a neurological conditions such as autism.

Ultrasound technology is currently being used medically in other ways then prenatal or soft tissue imaging. It may be used specifically as a heat treatment on sore or cramped muscles during a physical therapy session.  And still in the research phases, high frequency ultrasound waves are being used at more intense strengths to actually kill cancer cells. That would be a safer technique for the health of the surrounding tissue than using radiation on cancerous tumors. X-ray type radiation is directed at the tumor in a rotating manner so that surrounding tissue gets less rays while the tumor gets a maximum dose in order to kill the cancerous cells.

So killing cancer cells with high frequency soundwaves sounds like a great idea compared to being rotated on a table while an X-ray is directed at a tumor. Eating healthy and not getting a tumor also sounds good.

  • Having an ultrasound during the first trimester of a pregnancy doesn’t sound good to me. Disclosure – I declined any ultrasounds for both of my pregnancies. I had listened to my dad play whale songs for too many hours of my youth to want my babies to have a sound wave ray gun directed at them. My thought at the time, which research suggests was an accurate concern, was, “I don’t want to risk scrambling my baby’s brain just to see what sex it is. I’d prefer to wait and see anyway.”
  • At the time of my pregnancies, ultrasounds were still a fairly “new-fangled” invention or service which was offered as a choice rather than being expected with every single “I’m expecting a baby” announcement. Send a photo of the urine test stick instead or the results from the official lab test. Once you’ve seen one black and white fuzzy image of a blob, you’ve seen them all – you can trust me on that. Ultrasound images have become so standard they are used as proof of pregnancy for agencies that offer free services to women who are pregnant and I admired a lot of little adorable blobs — women can be very protective of their babies, no matter what they look like.

So protecting your newly conceived baby’s brain seems worth considering , not just the fuzzy image for a birth announcement.

In high risk pregnancies there may be an increased number of ultrasounds recommended, possibly just to be cautious. It is okay as a patient to ask questions about medical necessity and what is truly necessary and what is possibly being recommended to look thorough in case of a potential malpractice suit. If the ultrasound tests themselves may be increasing risk to the infant though, then how cautious is it to use them more often just because a woman’s pregnancy has some high risk factor?

It’s okay to ask questions. It’s your baby, your body, and your baby’s brain and future at risk.

  • A whale song combined with music by a musician I listened to as a child can be heard online; Whale Lullaby, with music by Paul Winter: Youtube.

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and the information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes.