Retinoid Toxicity Symptom Questionnaire

Surveymonkey/Symptom Questionaire

The second half of this post goes into more detail about retinoid toxicity. Retinoid acid is an active form of vitamin A and it can activate mast cells of the immune system and is involved in many other functions of the body including skin health and calcium balance. The activation of mast cells can affect mood by increasing histamine release which affects brain excitability. Mast Cell Activity & Hyperexcitable Mood.

If the theory about retinoic acid is correct, then the liver is overactivating too much vitamin A and a solution for reducing symptoms might involve significantly reducing vitamin A sources in the diet. Adding liver healing nutrients and herbs might also be part of a solution aimed at restoring normal function and avoiding other mast cell activating foods or histamine releasing foods might also be part of a symptom resolution process.

This is complex physiology. Gathering more information from many people can help to show whether there is a pattern connecting excess vitamin A/retinoic acid and vaccine or medication injury.

Thanks in advance for completing the survey.

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