Solar flares/EMP, false flags, & sunburn? – solar radiation pox?

Various brief updates and Histamine Food *and Alkalizing food handout pdf link/s.

False flags as an opener – fear is disabling and staging events to generate fear or distract from other events has occurred repeatedly in US and other history. There may be something on the way this weekend. Courage is persevering sensibly in spite of whatever is being thrown at us.

Avoiding crowds might be sensible. Avoiding the jabbed folks is a warning, that may not be possible, keep your guard up folks, whether jabbed or unjabbed. None of us know what may be possible with the new biotech that has been used. EMF can increase calcium entry into cells which can be stimulating to an excessive, possibly dangerous point. We don’t know what we don’t know and caution and common sense is all we really have for sure.

The rumor mill has had alien “war” as a potential false flag on the way but that rumor got so much advance warning that new talk is that it may have been switched to a “Rapture Event” of some sort instead. Be cautious, be sensible, odd times have been here for a while. Peace be with you in your physical and energy forms. We are just here temporarily before we may be dancing in the starry skies for ourselves.

Epsom salt hand/foot- soaks or a bath can be fairly quickly calming if there is a calcium excess causing mood or pain problems. Acute drop in magnesium level can cause sudden rage and is part of why there is “bar fights” – urinate more, lose magnesium, become acutely deficient and easily enraged.

Solar flares / Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

Solar flares/EMP is something emergency preparedness folks think about (and do something about) in advance because the event would be quite random in timing. Back up electronic parts and hard drives and cars and cell phones and much of modern life could have its electronics over-heated and ruined. Replacement parts would be needed for cars and the power grid may fail.

  • This is very short: EMP and CME are a threat we need to take seriously, (
  • This has the policies involved: The Power Industry and EMP, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, (

Fairly cost-effective buffering gadgets do exist for power stations but the money was never federally given or mandated.

Low budget quick fix for those of us who don’t plan ahead – large glvanized steel garbage cans or older sturdy decorative tins are completely enclosed metal and can work as a Faraday cage to collect the magnetic field. The electronics within the metal need to be in insulated cardboard, or thick fabric, or wood, or plastic, to separate the device from the metal. WiFi blocking cases for airport security use would also be protective but maybe stick that in the decorative tin. Check the blocking power by putting a battery-operated radio turned on loud enough to hear inside of the metal device. If the sound stops the metal is enclosed enough. Or try calling a cell phone that is inside of it. A large filing cabinet or metal cabinet is metal but may have too many gaps.

My electric rice cooker – is something small I like and is a computerized device. I like my car too, but it is big. A metal sipping container would be a big metal box but have the car on the rubber wheels – not touching the metal container.

EMP is an Electro magnetic pulse – a strong magnetic field that can be generated by a solar flare. More info: EMP Proof Vehicle (

Although it is commonly thought that an EMP would have drastic effects on modern day vehicles that are outfitted with a variety of electronic systems that help them run, this is actually not the case.

As discussed previously, most cars have their wiring and electronics pretty well shielded against any electromagnetic interference, as well as the chassis of the car acting as a Faraday cage.

A Faraday cage is an enclosure that is conductive and as a result will cause electromagnetic pulses to travel along this conductive outside structure, effectively protecting whatever is inside.

With this being said, there is still the potential for an EMP to cause some sort of electrical interference in modern day cars. One of the best ways to ensure that your car will function in the event of an EMP attack is to drive a diesel fuel vehicle.

Diesel engines do not have an ignition system, which most normal fuel cars do have and often involves some sort of electronic fuel injection system that could be interrupted by some sort of EMP attack.” (

Solar flares have been active recently: Huge Sunspot Pointed Straight at Earth Has Developed a Delta Magnetic Field, (

Some older links I had on a different website:

Histamine Foods to avoid or those that might help:

Here is my document/handout on histamine food categories to avoid or that might help. Narrowing down what is inflammatory needs to be quite thorough for best symptom control.

I had forgotten peanut butter when changing my mom’s diet until I reread my handout. I had excluded peanuts a long time ago for myself and forgot they were on the histamine avoid list. It helped to switch her to almond butter. Downloadable pdf I believe.

Alkalizing Foods and other inflammatory food categories – lectins, TRP channel activators, oxalates –

Not scratching a sunburn?

Last point – I did get some more small not too bad pox on my legs, I haven’t slowed down and rested enough, but none got as bad as the patch on my chest – in the sunburn zone. I was out on a sunny day a lot more than typical prior to waking up scratching. So maybe two rules for me – sunscreen and no scratching. I am sun sensitive and can burn easily. Solar radiation leading to sunburn would be a radiation burn, and radiation can mimic “pox”. See the Substack link in my first post on this topic. Switching gears…

deNutrients – News to Use

Switching gears to – Monkey/shingles/chicken/smallpox

Too much friction is likely part of the risk of Monkey pox based on my own shingles/chicken pox experiences. They can appear in embarrassing locations that receive too much friction – like on the side of the knee when wearing tight jeans. Do mosquitoes bite through jeans? Yes, they can. The mosquito Itch ointment that usually helped didn’t help though…Read more5 days ago · 10 likes · Jennifer Depew, R.D.

Overall point: Fear itself is disabling and may be the point in addition to creating chaos that might make some takeover easier for someone. Good luck and peace be with you all.

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