Geert says we need to treat everyone prophylactically to stop breakthrough infections & slow the mutation rate.

We should listen to Geert. He is correct and has been correct.

Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM, has been warning us all along that the CoV ‘vaccines’ would just push the virus towards variants that escape the antibodies being created by the CoV jabs – and he was right. He is alarmed that the vaccine community is still talking about yet more vaccine modifications for the yet more variants. He likes the variant collecting to stamp collecting – get your name on a publication and maybe name another variant too! Oh, joy! Not really joyous.

I did get sick to what seemed like a different variant, Omicron maybe, this spring while visiting a nursing home on a daily basis – until they had an outbreak. The symptoms were a little different – less respiratory, more of a bad migraine, and extreme fatigue and napping and sleeping A LOT. The good news – upping the Basic Stack, having some extra Pomegranate peel/Plus tea, helped me recover within a week and adding the Basic Stack for my sister helped her within two weeks (worse risk factors and hadn’t been taking the supplements in advance). I gave extra supplements to my mother also and she also got better somewhere between the one to two weeks. The news has emphasized that “Covid19” is a death sentence, but realistically it is the US funded vent-and-sedate and Remdesivir protocols that are death sentences.

Geert tries to explain to us the problem in a way that we can understand – nice attempt – still not easy. The take home point though – what to do next? Treat everyone preventively/prophylactically. Stop the infection by establishing real herd immunity – where enough people do have natural immunity antibodies that the pressure on the viral species to create escape variants is reduced. Creating more and more vaccines will push the viral species to make an increasing range of escape variants that can bypass the jab antibodies. The jab antibodies can then even become a liability where they mark the infectious variant as “self” – ignore this protein – it is safe. > Roughly, this is tough topic, but he has not been wrong, all along. We should listen to Geert. He has provided audio or text:

Voice for Science and Solidarity by Geert Vanden Bossche, It is 5 past 12 !Hello everyone. My name is Geert Vanden Bossche. I’m a seasoned vaccinologist with background in veterinary medicine, in biology, immunology, microbial diseases. I have been sending out video messages before and this is probably the last one I’m going to do. I will still write articles, I will still do interviews…” · Geert Vanden Bossche

It is 5 past 12!” – Geert Vanden Bossche

Our Cinderella outfit and couch turned back into a pumpkin maybe?

What to do? “Treat prophylactically with antivirals that are broadly accessible and affordable, says Geert:

So how can we avoid vaccine breakthrough disease? Of course, by diminishing the infection rate!

When we diminish the infection rate we avoid breakthrough diseases. We will avoid recall of these less to non-neutralizing antibodies.  But we need to do better. We not only need to avoid vaccine breakthrough disease. We would need to reduce the infection level to an extent that we can even avoid vaccine breakthrough infection because as soon as we will have an infection the virus will break through the innate immune response and – in previously vaccine-primed individuals- automatically recall antibodies that are completely obsolete; antibodies that have no longer neutralizing capacity. So how can we do this? Of course, the infection rate can only be reduced via chemoprophylaxis with safe and effective antivirals that on top are broadly accessible and affordable. So, I don’t care which antivirals but they need to comply with those criteria.” – Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM

Geert goes on to say that staying on antivirals long term would not be good either but is needed to prevent more variants that evade the CoV jab antibodies. SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA coronavirus species which mutate quite readily – it is part of how the species functions within a host. The dominant variant changes as the species spreads further into the body where there are differences in average warmth or acidity or other chemical levels. RNA viral species are more like interchangeable Lego blocks than “one” specific gene sequence.

If mass prophylactic prevention is his recommendation, then there are two steps to include, or three:

  1. Negative ionizers in public and private spaces to help remove positively charged spike exosomes or particles from the air.
  2. Intranasal rinse at the end of the day or after being in a public space.
  3. Preventive nutrient/phytonutrient or anti-viral medications, on a daily basis and increase to treatment levels at the very first signs of a cold or flu-like body aches. In my own experience with post CoV and post passive exposure to CoV jabs illness – keep treating long-term preventively and keep a moderate pace. Relapse is quite likely as this pathogen issue seems to be a latent intracellular risk which will need long-term care.

Antivirals that are broadly accessible and affordable include citrus and pomegranate peel, Star anise, evergreen needle tea, dandelion leaf or root tea, and many other things found in Mother Nature’s cabinet.

What is frustrating Geert Vanden Bosche and many others who have tried to speak out is that this all seems by design rather than an accident. Waiting for the “authorities” to wake up to their “mistake” is likely a huge mistake. Waiting for the authorities to approve and recommend safe and affordable antivirals for widespread preventive or prophylactic use, is a fool’s game in my opinion.

( ( Pomegranate Covid19) (Health Aids for Special Times, document)) (Spike protein risks & aids – summary page. *longest blog post ever… also is a document that is longer) (Protocol Collation and Therapy Goals, live document this one is even longer and newer but the Spike protein Risks and Aids includes some other information)

It is pomegranate season on the Northern Hemisphere. The pomegranate fruit wears a crown because an ancient royal wanted a crown that looked like the pomegranate fruit. The pomegranate is revered in the Bible and other ancient texts. That is an evidence trail suggesting efficacy to me.

Ways pomegranate protects against spike:

  • Blocks entry at the ACE2 receptor. Helps reduce the dysfunction of reduced ACE2 function.
  • Inhibits NET formation and inflammasome production – which kills good cells when it is an over-reaction.
  • Inhibits the fusion cleavage site from opening and freeing the S1 subunit which then can block nAChR function and has prion like domains and a galectin-3 like sequence.
  • Protects against liver, kidney, and brain damage. With a healthy microbiome, metabolites urolithin A and B can cross the blood brain barrier, reduce neuroinflammation, and promote new growth of hippocampal cells.
  • Promotes Nrf2 which helps promote glutathione production, immune function, and DNA damage repair.
  • Protects against misfolded protein conditions.
  • Improves gut health, membrane health, and cardiovascular health.
  • Acts as a modulator and can increase Nitric oxide production if low or reduce Nitric oxide production if it excessive.
  • Pomegranate peel contains potent antioxidants and diuretics which help with detox – have several servings earlier in the day if ill and drink plenty of water, or once a day as a preventive.
  • The fruit juice and seeds provide some of the benefits for reducing inflammation and protecting the brain, but the peel contains more of the phytonutrients with potent antiviral function.

If pomegranate/peel is not available to you, then sumac/Zataar contains similar phytonutrients and so do Goji berries. Green tea also contains some of the catechin benefits ~ 3 cups per day provides about 200 mg of EGCG which is a typical amount found in supplements of EGCG. If gut issues are also an issue though, green tea may cause discomfort due to the oxalate content.

*My pomegranate paper is needed, I will keep working on it.

This recent post has my Basic Stack graphics:

  • deNutrients – News to Use, Terrain theory and early treatment/prevention. “Bad news – SARS-CoV-2 has yet another way that it can enter endothelial cells “through an αvβ3 Integrin-Mediated Endocytosis” – and it bypasses the CoV vak neutralizing antibodies. This is not good news, but it is repetitive news. SARS-CoV-2 has a ridiculously long list of ways it can enter cells – including direct fusion…” · Jennifer Depew, R.D.

This post has a pdf of the Tables that I have more complete (not the pomegranate phytonutrient or medical benefit Tables are done yet though).

And the first half, or second half that I wrote first, of my academic paper project:

  • deNutrients – News to Use, My research paper, initial progress “Pomegranate phytonutrients for mast cell inhibition to reduce the pain and suicide risk associated with histamine excess in neurologic conditions, drug related akathisia or post infection illness. Abstract Problem – Retinoic acid deficiency or excess and histamine excess are seen in many neurological c…” Jennifer Depew, R.D.

And the “That’s not a Table” post:

Excerpt from Spike Protein Risks and Aids:

About Cellular Serial Passage for bioengineering viral mutations:

We don’t have a smoking gun, we have a smoking mink pandemic – serial passaging in ferrets and mice must have been used to develop the ACE2 receptor mutations in the SARS-COV-2 spike sequence. Ferrets are very similar to minks, and mink populations have been the only ones that have been very susceptible to the SARS-CoV-2 virus – and they were very susceptible – suggesting that ferrets were used to increase the reactivity of the spike protein with the ACE2 receptors in humans and ferrets. Ferrets were chosen because there are close similarities to humans in the reactions to SARS coronavirus.

  • SARS-CoV-2 has extensive capacity to evolve to evade neutralizing antibodies targeting a small number of antigenic regions.” – Dr. John B. @DrJohnB2
  • This topic was discussed in part, in the introduction – the CoV injections are more likely to promote mutations due to the limited number of proteins included (the spike protein), as well as being likely to induce a non-neutralizing type of antibody that would make a future infection more dangerous instead of a neutralized non-risk – ADE, Antibody-dependent enhancement [of virulence].

Karthik K, Senthilkumar TMA, Udhayavel S, Raj GD. Role of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) in the virulence of SARS-CoV-2 and its mitigation strategies for the development of vaccines and immunotherapies to counter COVID-19. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2020 Dec 1;16(12):3055-3060. doi: 10.1080/21645515.2020.1796425. Epub 2020 Aug 26. PMID: 32845733; PMCID: PMC7484565.

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