Travel photos require traveling.

New year, time to gather some new photos. New year, new website also, my Christmas present to myself and anyone interested in ocean health, quantum physics, or pretty pictures, :

While climate change isn’t currently a U.S. national priority it is still happening and many nations and individual businesses,nonprofits, local goverments, and individual people are concerned. Ideas can grow from seeing other people’s projects or ideas, sharing knowledge can help promote more ideas and more action. Ocean health is the focus so far on the new site but our air,ground water and surface water are all connected with the oceans, which are also all connected. When one nation polluted or has fires or bomb explosions the pollution spreads across the oceans to other continents. War is not healthy for anyone. Dust storms also can spread unhealthy nanoparticles across oceans and climate change is causing increase in frequency of dust storms in some areas.

Quantum physics involves the movement of subatomic particles and very small molecules which may include nanoparticles. Einstein’s E=M C2 is about the energy that a mass would need to be able to move at quantum speed, roughly, I’m still learning. Our health and that of other life forms does involve quantum movement of subatomic particles and small atoms or molecules for mitochondria, photosynthesis and in some other ways.

On the home page of the new website I give a few examples of the difference in weight of subatomic particles and my own weight. New Year’s resolution, lose some weight, (this is a semi-serious joke, my mass times the speed of light squared was something like 790,000,000,000, I forget how many zeros, — getting healthier is the bigger goal, losing a few pounds of mass would likely occur along with getting healthier) however in my physical form I will always be too heavy to move at quantum speed and will need to try to remain within the posted speed limit.

The planet is in all our hands.

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