Walking in nature or viewing it can reduce stress

Decorating with images of nature or having green spaces available for breaks may also help reduce stress levels in employees and customers.

During a task designed to be frustrating, stress and anger levels were reduced in males when there were nature or relaxing abstract art images in the experimental office setting. Females who had previously been found in  screening to be more prone to anger were less likely to become stressed and angered when nature images were present, and women in general had less stress and anger with nature images in the office setting, but the stress and anger levels of females as a group, on average, were less affected than males by the presence or absence of nature or relaxing abstract art images. (10.4)

A walk in a natural setting may be more beneficial to health than a walk in an urban setting (10.19, 10.20) but even looking at images of nature has been found to help reduce stress levels – more than taking a walk in a busy urban setting, (10.21) suggesting that while exercise has health benefits, exposure to nature also has health benefits.


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