People discussing national debt, NSA Security, and peace

Printing money may be one way to help keep interest rates low but over the long term it may lead to worse financial trouble.

People with experience in the topic discuss it in the following articles/video links:

And a veteran discussing semantics in military actions – who is the enemy if we’re not really at war? []

Military expenditures were 54% of our national budget in 2015. So we may be at war with our pocket book and our children’s. []

The National Security Administration underwent significant changes after the 9/11 tragedies. In the following interview with a former NSA employee it is suggested that intelligence reports had been received regarding the intended targets of 9/11 and that many lives could have been saved if NSA had allowed civilians to be warned. After the 9/11 attacks a new branch of NSA was created called NSA Security, which may seem like more security but which may actually have circumvented oversight of the actions taken by our nations’ security administration. []

And an interview on rewriting the history of peace negotiations:  “Rewriting the history of the peace process, The inconvenient truth about Ehud Barak, Martin Indyk and the Clinton Parameters.” []

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