Problems that are too big may lead to mental blocks about the issues; links

Meta-problems masked by our brain’s self-defense mechanisms of denial of the issue, projecting a sense that our own secure position is the normal one rather than the new minority, or cynical detachment or ironic joking about the topic. Read more: []

Focusing on similarities with others has been shown to help reduce negative bias against people of a different race. Which would be a positive way to use our brain’s tendency to project our own status onto the group, see others as all part of the human race for example, might help overcome a slight tendency to favor people of our own race over people with a different racial background. Read more about our tendency towards positive bias – favoring those from a similar group to us, and negative bias – dis-favoring/ not being as helpful to those from a different group: []

Flags and group logos can make a group seem more unified but may make the group seem more exclusive and intimidating to outsiders. Read more: []

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