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 In people who received a CoV injection (mRNA-1273 vaccine, Moderna) the spike protein was found to be produced within a day or two, peaking at day five, and still present for about two weeks. (114)

*Blogging trivia – Spike Protein Risks & Aids – Summary List – is too long to update any longer. It has material in the Resources section that aren’t in the document, otherwise, the document is much longer with a lot of uncollated notes at the end: Spike Risks & Aids/document.

Butyrate helps with detox, inflammation removal, just like niacin, but more specifically is protecting the colon. Lots more info on how to increase resistant starch and butyrate on my webpage – I had to start a 2nd one for ‘How much?’ jenniferdepew.com/ Butyrate How Much? / Page one: Resistant Starch/Butyrate is a discussion of how adequate butyrate may be helping prevent severe COVID. The Microbiome page includes more about helping our symbionts – our beneficial bacteria and microbes in our digestive tract. The Zinc page also touches on microbiome health – the beneficial species need zinc. Spending time in forests or on a beach may also help our microbiome and immune function. Omega 3 fatty acids also help, see DHA & Forest Bathing.

The Nutrients page lists dosing ranges for vitamins, minerals and a few other nutrients. The RDA/AI is for adult male, which is generally equal to, or slightly more than the recommendation for adult females, and lower than the recommendation for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Nutrient recommendations are generally based on weight hen calculated individually, so a tiny child might need a 1/4 of an adult dose, a grade schooler may need a 1/2, and a middle schooler might need 3/4, while a teenager may need a little more, especially for an active large male. The Cofactors page is a beginning, it has cofactors used in the Citric Acid Cycle, so far. Magnesium is so important, it also gets its own page.

Pomegranate, juice or peel, Nrf2 Promoting Foods, and many Phytonutrients are protective of health and promote a balanced immune response, instead of underactive or overactive (and an allergy or autoimmune risk). Immunomodulators are discussed in a post about arteminsinin and iron chelators for anemia of chronic inflammation. Citrus peel is also a strong anti-viral and decongestant/anti-asthmatic, helps with digestion and appetite/weight control and blood sugar stability, – however, for people with Mast Cell Overactivity Syndrome, or MCAS/Histamine excess, citrus peel may cause symptoms of histamine excess which can be extreme and odd, behavior and mental changes.

Dielectric orgone blankets, How-To post, are something you can make yourself or order online. They can help relieve pain and inflammation.

Growth of Physicians and Administrators, 1970-2009, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, – 3000% increase in Hospital Administrators, in the same time there has been minimal increase in the number of Physicians. Administrators, don’t take care of patients. What are they doing?

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Reference List

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