Amount of US bombing is worse or similar to the Nazi’s

During the Blitzkreig bombing of the United Kingdom between 1940-1941 over 30000 tons of explosives  were dropped on sixteen cities from German airplanes. The bombs included chemicals designed to increase risk of long burning fires. Over 40000 people lost their lives and many buildings were destroyed.

Our current and previous administration in the United States have been responsible for drone bombing in seven countries. In just the first seven months of 2017 the current administration has increased the amount of drone bombing from the previous years.

2016 – 26,171 drone bombs were dropped by the Obama administration:

Airwaves is an independent group that has been tracking the number of bombs dropped by the US and the number they provide is a larger number than the official count released by the U.S.. Almost 11000 in the first three months of 2017 with an increased percentage of civilian deaths. The number of deaths is lower than during the Blitzkreig however we aren’t officially at war either.

My concern for history and the future is linked because if we don’t learn from the past we are more likely to repeat mistakes and bombing civilians and countries that we aren’t even at war with is a big one, and costly. The Department of Defense has misplaced where $6.5 trillion was spent in the Army budget alone over the last couple of decades. Other money was spent to produce top-secret fake Al Queda propaganda and fake news stories designed to seem like Arabic television to make the group seem more negative than it was – at the time. Between 2006 and 2011 $660 million was paid to a publicity firm in the U.K. to produce the top-secret film footage. Fake atrocities – paid for by U.S. taxpayers to scare U.S. taxpayers and the rest of the world – just who are the terrorists in that story?

Eight other news stories that didn’t get much press attention are highlighted in an end of year summary by an organization that fights censorship by looking for the stories that were suppressed. Free speech isn’t just about what journalists are allowed to say but also about what they aren’t allowed to say. The Nazi’s burned books and controlled the media. I’ve been following alternative news sources and was aware there was suspicion that news was being faked about atrocities. I was not aware of the lack of audits in the military or missing $6.5 trillion from the Army budget. The other eight stories I was familiar with though – pay attention online and it is amazing what you can learn.

A synopsis:

  1. Lead is poisoning children in Flint but is also an infrastructure and soil contaminant in many many urban areas.
  2. The missing $6.5 Trillion from the Army budget and lack of audit, or expectation that the military be audited in the same way that other government agencies are expected (been there, done that – inventories are an annual task.)
  3. The fake news about Al Queda and fake Arabic TV for $660 million.
  4. Voter suppression during the 2016 election occurred in many places by making it more difficult for people to register to vote or to have been taken off the list of registered voters.\
  5. Micro-targeting of voters during the 2016 election was performed for the Trump campaign with the help of modern social media advertising techniques, with assistance from social media staff. News of this has surfaced only recently.
  6. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are gaining ground on human’s ability to create new more effective antibiotics – we may be unable to cure pneumonia or other diseases as easily as we were over the last few decades. Microbes evolve quickly. We have only been using antibiotics since the 1928 (Fleming, penicillin).
  7. The U.S. Navy is killing or injuring large numbers of marine wildlife due to torpedoes, Sonar testing and other underwater devices and air to surface missiles.
  8. The U.S. is the only developed nation in the world with an increasing rate of maternal mortality – more women are dying from childbirth or pregnancy than in previous years. Inadequate rural care and an increased rate of African American women dying is thought to be driving the increase. African American women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy related causes than white women. (Pre-eclampsia isn’t mentioned but it can be life threatening and is more of a risk for African American women than for other racial or ethnic groups. Differences in the average shape of the pelvis bone and less intra-abdominal space within an African American woman may be involved. Magnesium foods may help reduce the risk and spending time daily during the last few months in a knee-chest position that helps relieve intra-abdominal pressure may help reduce risk. Treating people individually instead of as a total group average might help – if individualizing health care based on individual differences seems racist then I don’t understand the word. Why would anyone want health care recommendations that were developed to help someone with a completely different body structure or different type of metabolism from their own? The best health recommendations for one person might not help another or might harm them. The kidneys of African Americans seems to be better at conserving calcium, which also wastes more magnesium. Magnesium deficiency can increase risk of hypertension and diabetes and pre-eclampsia and many other conditions.)
  9. The DNC political party was sued regarding apparent rigging of the primaries in favor of one candidate and the lawyers representing the DNC argued that neutrality is not required by the charter. The group could feasibly just pick a candidate and not have a primary at all according to the legal argument.
  10. The internet was shutdown due to hacking or political intervention more in 2016 than ever before. Internet slowdowns were found to be associated with atrocities and political events as possibly a national attempt to quell protest or limit communication during sensitive times.

Knowledge is painful but being uninformed may be life threatening.

Palestine lost World War II and the rest of the world is losing this current non-war. Every bomb is adding to global pollution and adding to the risk of birth defects in humans and animals. In some areas of the Middle East the rate of birth defects at some places and at some points of time reached 50%. Is that something the Nazi’s did to the United Kingdom with the Blitzkreig bombs? No. Whatever chemicals that were used to promote more fire risk didn’t add a nuclear radiation signature to the soil and air quality.

U.S. bombing is going to kill in slower ways than the Blitzkreig bombs, and likely will affect birth defect rates for a long time. My suggestion was help clean up and repair the soil and people with healing plants.

I’ve written about Zionism and the difference from anti-Zionism and have been called a Nazi for it, but Albert Einstein was a Jew at a time when Palestine was still a free country and he was an anti-Zionist. I am happy to stand with Albert Einstein. My children are 1/4 Jewish, I have nothing against Jewish individuals or groups. However I am very much against segregation and apartheid like laws. Diversity is beautiful and natural and Zionism isn’t diverse – it is about special treatment for one group at the expense of many other groups. The Middle East and Europe are disrupted and terror groups have been increasing in the Philippines and Bangladesh.

When will enough land for one group of people be enough?

Many people were anti-Zionists at the time preceding and during WWII. Taking another nation to give to a different group of people is not fair to the people who farmed the land for a thousand years – in some cases. If the European Jews had lived in the area of Palestine it had been over 1000 years prior, not in recent history.

Being for fair treatment of all groups is not racist or anti-Semitic. The current and past treatment of Arabs, Christians and Semitic Jews (non-European Jews who were living in the area of Palestine) has not been very equal compared to the way the European Jews were and are treated in modern day Israel.

Having two sets of rules for different racial or religious groups is part of the definition of Apartheid. The Israeli leader Netanyahu was recently quoted to say that the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank would never be given up. Three Palestinians including an 11 year old boy were shot by Israeli forces, just another day in their life, or fore-shortened life. The boy was shot in the head, albeit with a rubber bullet but who knows if he will survive that injury. He was taken for medical treatment.

It was wrong to treat black South Africans differently than white South Africans and it is wrong for Israel to be 90% segregated – that may be the wrong word but if 90% of the citizens are all the same religion or ethnicity than it seems applicable.

Persecution and humiliation tactics are commonly used against minorities or groups that are in a minority in that area. The technique may promote a feeling of pleasure in those participating as it may increase levels of dopamine but so would gratitude and friendliness. The humiliation tactic may increase risk of retaliation though in observers of the persecution of someone who they may feel similar to.

Even worse than laws that segregate or give limited supplies of water or energy to some areas are the unspoken policies by the U.S. and Israel to support radical groups sometimes on both opposing sides in the hopes that the two forces would keep each other in check. Arming two opposing radical groups leaves civilians unprotected in the middle.

A first hand account of what Zionists believe today is available in the form an a journalist’s interview of average Israeli citizens or visitors – the theme revealed by the interviews was disturbing to the reporter and to me – ethnic cleansing.

What would you think if Albert Einstein was quoted as saying carpet bombing the Middle East would be okay because he had a spiritual link to the ancient history of the land and he wanted to move in once the dust settled?

In my opinion Jewish people should be able to marry an Arab person if they both want to – and carpet bombing civilians is never okay – nor is random violence. Suggesting that violence against civilians is okay by some people but not others is discrimination, in addition to being violence, and we have seen increasing violence and increasing numbers of displaced people as a result of tension in the Middle East. Apartheid was wrong in South Africa and is wrong in Israel too. Persecution of others can lead to an increased risk of retaliation rather than supporting a goal of peace or communication.

Peace has to start somewhere and accepting and valuing each other’s differences may be the place to start. Not dropping over 20000 bombs is also probably a good place to start or threatening a country that has offered to negotiate if peace was being offered.

“The U.S., together with South Korea, simulates an invasion of North Korea every year. In Donald Trump’s first six months in office, he dropped over 20,650 bombs in approximately seven countries, which killed thousands of civilians. By comparison, Kim Jong-un bombs the ocean.” (

That number is enormous and is an escalation from 2016 but the number of bombs dropped in 2016 was also large: 26,171 bombs dropped over seven countries according to some record keepers. Even as an estimate that number makes me want to cry, and beg forgiveness, or to start planting sunflowers. ( *Update, July 2018, U.S. averaging 121 bombs dropped per day. (see the Newsclick link)

We could also be planting sunflowers in low income urban areas where soil is contaminated with lead. Any areas that had a lot of automobile or other lead gasoline vehicles in the decades prior to its ban are likely to have soil that is dangerous for children to play. The recommendation for contaminated soil is to remove and replace it with uncontaminated soil or to cover over the area with some type of surface that would prevent the lead containing dust from getting in the air or on hands where it can then get into children’s mouths. Old damaged lead paint is best to paint over without dry sanding because dust in the air then may carry the lead elsewhere. Lead remediation specialists use a wet sanding method if they need to more thoroughly prepare a surface that had lead paint in some of the layers.

So as a citizen and former tax payer of the United States which just bombed seven countries with over 20,650 bombs in six months – if you want to call me a Nazi – I’m a citizen of the U.S. – it may be the word to describe us all, until we stop bombing the world in the name of peace or a so-called War on Terror. I’m terrified, please can we stop yet?

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and the information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes.

A list of countries from a graphic prepared by Occupy London that is included in this article:

My transcribing of the graphic condenses the information to single entries for each country, rather than the consecutive time line used in the graphic and I may have transcribed a few dates inaccurately or the graphic may have contained errors – consider it an estimate that could be verified if desired.

  1. China: 1945-46, 1950-53
  2. Syria: 1949, 2017,
  3. Korea: 1950-53
  4. Iran: 1953, 1998, 2005-present
  5. Guatemala: 1954, 1964, 1967-69
  6. Tibet: 1955-70’s
  7. Indonesia: 1958
  8. Cuba: 1959
  9. Democratic Republic of Congo: 1962-65
  10. Iraq: 1960-63, 1991, 1999-96, 2002-03, 2016
  11. Dominican Republic: 1961, 1965-66
  12. Vietnam: 1961-73
  13. Brazil: 1964
  14. Belgium Congo: 1964
  15. Laos: 1964-73
  16. Peru: 1965
  17. Greece: 1967
  18. Cambodia: 1969-70, 1988-95
  19. Chile: 1970-73
  20. Argentina: 1976
  21. Turkey: 1980
  22. Poland: 1980-81
  23. El Salvador: 1981-82
  24. Nicaragua: 1981-90
  25. Angola: 1980
  26. Lebanon: 1982-84
  27. Grenada: 1983-84
  28. Philippines: 1986
  29. Libya: 1989, 2011, 2016
  30. Panama: 1989-90
  31. Kuwait: 1991
  32. Somalia: 1992-94, 2006-07, 2016
  33. -2020
  34. Bosnia: 1995
  35. Sudan: 1998
  36. Afghanistan: 1998, 2001
  37. Yugoslavia-Serbia: 1999
  38. Yemen: 2011-12, 2016, :

Addition – Nov 28, 2020

Of the seven countries expected to be named in Trump’s executive order [travel ban], the US is currently bombing five of them: Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. In 2016 alone, the country dropped an estimated 26,172 bombs in seven countries, (including Pakistan and Afghanistan), according to the Council of Foreign Relations. This estimate is thought to be on the low-end as each single “strike” can involve multiple bombs, according to the Pentagon’s definition. In Barack Obama’s last year in office, the US dropped 3,028 more bombs than in 2015.