Iver who?

The coronavirus gene treatment approval was based on there being no available treatments. Emergency Use Approval requires an emergency with no treatments.

MANY things can help reduce severity or risk of viral infection.

Hydroxychloroquine, and more recently, Ivermectin, are being given negative media attention, an misleading tactics to reduce use or interest in Ivermectin. Meanwhile, Japan is now recommending use of Ivermectin. Contaminants were found by the Japanese in many vial of the injections that were sampled that were reactive to magnets.

Testing elsewhere found a type of live parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, (Chagas Disease), that can cause a myocarditis condition, which can be treated by the anti-parasitic medication IVERMECTIN.


“Japan is now issuing Ivermectin for all COVID patients, but the CDC says it doesn’t work.” – meme, by unknown source. Thanks.

Contaminants report, shared in part, here: (https://me64p71b7e.substack.com/p/contaminants-in-the-vaccines?r=hjhk4&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy)

Contaminants in medical products is not a new issue. Smog in industrial areas contains nanoparticles of heavy metals among other aerosolized particles such as virus. Making quality soup is harder then it looks. Imagine making sterile biologic goo, and lots of tiny bottles, having to fill them and seal them in a sterile method with no microscopic dust fragments – in a world where the air itself has metal nanoparticles & virus – a quality product is not easy.

Rushing the development of the production methods and having to switch from smaller early batches to enormous mass production batches would also increase contaminant risk from the mRNA possibly having more fragmented variations than the desired sequence.

I’m not trying to defend contamination in medical products. Simply – this is not a first time, or unknown problem. It is a big problem really, the air, smog issue in industrial places – not good for injected product quality. This is an industry wide issue >> My goal would be to limit the total number of injectable treatments – preserve skin integrity is a goal of dietetics – prevent skin breakdown outside or in.

List of types of contaminants found by CoV injection brand. – Source and validity unknown, except it does seem similar to the report details that I read.

Myocarditis causes lasting heart damage and seems to occur more frequently in younger age groups, leaving the young people with heart damage for the rest of their lives.

Myocarditis cases by age group.. Source unknown.

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