Religion and politics, an educational article; a link

A long article about a type of religious movement known as Dominionism that believes in slavery of any non-believers. It’s long but it is worth reading all the way through. It is very informative regarding what may have been behind the scenes of the dramatic changes that have taken place in politics throughout the nation and that have especially been observed in Kansas and Michigan over the last few years: []

Slavery is not moral. The United States is a nation that was built on the principles of separation of church and state and on freedom. Yes, slavery was a part of the original nation but it was deemed unconstitutional because it is wrong to enslave other humans for profit.  Rewriting history to suggest our Founding Fathers wanted a church run government is also wrong. — Read the link, all the way to the end, your stress level may go up but it’s our nation’s history and future at stake. Thanks.

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