Control group – needed to show any differences in outcomes.

The Control Group in an experiment is supposed to receive no treatment compared to the experimental treatment in order to evaluate whether there is a difference in either positive or negative outcomes. Did the experimental treatment help the symptoms somehow? Did the experimental treatment cause more side effects of some sort than the problem might occur on average in the untreated population?

The current CoV injections had control groups during the brief initial clinical trials, but then the control group were offered the injections too, and many participants accepted. At that point the ‘experimental group’ became anyone getting the CoV injections and the true control group are any other people who are not getting an experimental injection. So to see a difference between uninjected and injected – we need people to remain uninjected.

This seems plausible, a screenshot of a social media post by Georgia Parker Hilton:

I think I found my answer to WHY they are so desperate to have everyone v@xx3d. They MUST get rid of the “control” group. Go with me here...

  1. The longer we have more than 60% UnJabbed, the easier it is to see the effects on the Jabbed. (That’s what control groups are for in REAL research.)
  2. If 100% v@xx3d can be reached, then the deaths, infertility, and debilitating effects can be blamed on ANYTHING.
  3. Infertility will show up within a year to a year and a half. Heart & lung conditions will show up in around 4 years.
  4. Parma has already stopped their control groups, so we have NO data.
  5. They have less than a year to achieve their goal of 100%, otherwise the difference in the groups will be painfully evident.
  6. This is WHY they are spending BILLIONS of your tax dollars, pressuring, shaming, and threatening you, because their time is short. They didn’t expect people to be this resistant. They are scared & working hard to spin the data, it’s NOT the UnJabbed that are getting sick.
  7. The next few months will be a tipping point.”
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