To review – we have the right not to be killed unless it is by a policeman or an aristrocrat

                                        ***Article title refers to the Clash song “Know Your Rights” and a previous blog, Murder is a crime except when done by a policeman.
Parents should not be forced into killing their child with chemotherapy and other “health” treatments that are simply experimental in nature. Chemotherapy has never been proven effective. Continuing education for physicians discusses which populations may be more or less likely to survive some of the drugs and guides the physicians to choose the more toxic drugs with a 10% survival rate for more stable younger “patients”.

Does anyone else see that “we don’t know what caused this or why you are sick but we think this poisonous “medicine” may help you survive a few more months” is not a health message at all but is instead a confused attempt to “try” anything billable. And of course the patient will throw up and develop food aversions to anything mistakenly eaten during the bad days. A dietitian tip for bad days is to continue trying to eat but save favorite foods for better days. The mind associates the upset stomach with the food being eaten rather than with the poison “therapy” dripping in the veins. Wig shopping will also need to be tacked on the to-do-list.

Parents who are turned into Child Protection Agencies for saying no to a sixth course of chemotherapy are heroes in my book. I hope Child Protective Services will agree but I am fearful.

As a WIC dietitian, a job that I took very seriously was writing neatly typed nutrition assessment letters to physicians regarding the occasional “small, non-growing” child. Several times parents were harassed with monthly weight checks and criticism of how they were feeding their petite child. I found that the dinky children were petite, proportional, and healthy. They had low grade congenital hypothyroidism stunting their growth, but I didn’t know quite as much about it then as I do now. I could clearly see a thriving, loved, well hydrated, non-depressed toddler who was simply very small.

When a two year old looks apathetic and burnt out you know that it isn’t a good home life but PS really does not take children away – unless “drugs” are involved. So again, I really hope that our Children’s Protective Service’s agents will use common sense and decide that it is a parent’s right to choose or not choose experimental drug “therapy”. Chemotherapy killed my oldest sister. She died at age thirteen of leukemia. I was only four at the time and have few memories of her. I was sad that her teddy bear was going in the ground with her – but maybe it is keeping her company.

  • Parental neglect trial set for Marquette” by John Pepin, The Mining Journal, 11-13-11 [link]

Excerpt:    /Ongoing story March 13, 2012/

Jacob Stieler, a fifth-grader at K.I. Sawyer Elementary School, was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma in his thoracic spine in March. He was transferred to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in downstate Grand Rapids for neurosurgery to remove the tumor.

Sarah Brown, a child abuse pediatrician with the Center for Child Protection at the DeVos hospital, said he then underwent rehabilitation at the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital before receiving induction chemotherapy in Grand Rapids and Marquette.

“Jacob did well with each of these treatments,” Brown told investigators in a July 25 letter. “Specifically, he tolerated the chemotherapy well without unexpected side effects.”

The next phase of the treatment was to include several courses of chemotherapy and radiation administered at the same time. In July, Dr. Richard Axtell told caseworkers Jacob Stieler had begun treatments in April and had received five of the 18 recommended.

*** “Without unexpected side effects” says it all for me. They expected to torture the child and they succeeded at torturing the child and they wanted to continue torturing the child for another “13 treatments” and his parents made the choice to protect him from further experimental “therapy”. I applaud you Erin and Ken Stieler and I pray with all my heart that the Marquette court system will understand that parents are their children’s caregivers and medical “treatment” is supposed to be under the control of an individual caregiver’s informed consent.

I would like to see “informed consent” for all of those Senior Citizens who aren’t being told that this chemo”therapy” drug actually kills 90% of the other people that it is tried on but instead they are told that since you are slightly less fragile, we “your kindly, concerned doctor” think that you might be one of the 10% who survive it. How many medium aged Senior Citizens would sign that dotted line?

Don’t buy it is only a helpful solution if the controlling powers don’t force us to buy it with threat of jail, financial penalty, or by having your child removed from your care.. Buying bad insurance that makes us swallow poison “therapy” for our own good or worse for the “good” of our precious child, is a budget mistake that might have killed little Jacob eventually (at least that is where I would place my bet).

Shout out to Jacob – carrots – raw carrots – and lots of vitamin C, chicken drumsticks, buckwheat pancakes, and hug your parents before they are locked up for trying to protect you from  bad, bad medicine.

*** This is why I am so scared about the disturbing idea that chemotherapy drugs “might” help autistic children. No, it might kill them and we (autistic types) really aren’t bad people.

So police state decisions could head us towards nursing homes full of sick children that have been removed from their parent’s custody in order to be experimentally “treated” with poison in mass warehoused poisoning centers – and you know who would be paying for all of that “loving care” – taxpayers.

Guthrie heel prick test from a French medical training film (I think – not sure what the French comments say)

Youtube Channel: Gibson1013   (65,712,688 views,  2,179 likes, 23,431 dislikes, 11-13-11)

Hardening the hearts of medical professionals – an example of preventative health care – no we do not use all of that blood – only a dot or two is used if even all of one dot. The rest is stored and is probably at risk of molding due to budget cuts. every single baby practically has had this done to them. I hope and pray that most of them were done with a little more compassion. I wouldn’t treat a lab rat this way (and I did spend a year and a half caring for lab rats at U of M in a genetics lab that was working on Wilson’s disease and zinc therapy. Wilson’s disease is a genetic issue where copper accumulates.)

I had to poke children most days of my career as well as check height and weight. White coat syndrome – extreme terror – occasionally would start at the door from the lobby. It is hard to measure a terrified child whose legs are like limp spaghetti noodles. Preventative health care that sets up such extreme phobias at such as early age is another example of how to grow a bully – step one – bully a child.

Preventative Health Care – not at it’s finest – but valuable if the blood was used for more accurate tests – (they will not find hypothyroidism that is due to an excess of bromide, fluoride and perchlorates because they aren’t testing for that – only testing for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone or thyroid hormone. They aren’t testing for whether the thyroid hormone present contains iodine or bromide, fluoride, or chloride. Smart bodies have learned how to produce what the  body knows it needs – to bad the body got fooled with a shaped similar atom that is actually cancer promoting.

A few Youtube Comments including mine:

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  • I know, to handle such a small body is difficult, BUT… this looks really cruel. — @stt201 — 1 week ago
  • The “audio” is missing, I am sure, it is because the crying of the baby sounds heartbreaking.— BLUAMOONA — 1 week ago
  • i dont like this   — inmyeyes11 — 1 week ago
  • Is some sort of blood test? To figure out it’s blood type? — ChcalateMaster — 1 week ago
  • Arrétez avec vos “euh c’est horriiible”. C’est un test de dépistage, ça sauve des vies. Le jours suivant ils s’en souviennent même plus à cette âge là.   —  barbaguillux — 6 days ago (Stop with your “uh horriiible it.” This is a test, it saves lives. The next day they remember even at that age there.)
  • Where is the penis, as in the picture? — TheMsRamstain — 6 days ago
  • This sick joke is a newborn heel prick test that happens everyday around the world. Caring nurses become immune to the screams because the card has to have all the little dots filled. That blood frequently is stored and never used. There is no exposed penis in this film, it is the tiny little heel and ankle being smashed together. They may at least be using some of the blood for a hypothyroid test – thanks virtual monkeys – I was screening embedded stuff for porn and struck NICU torture instead. — gingerjen888 —  6 days ago
  • crying now — gingerjen888 — 6 days ago
  • It probably is a medical teaching film from somewhere, I just can’t read all of the credits but hypothyroid was mentioned. I had to perform lead tests on slightly older infants and children with 5 spots of blood as the goal. I never squeezed so hard. crying still. — gingerjen888 —  6 days ago
  • 2,135 likes, made me cry all over again – nastiness – thy name is perimenopause and emotional hardening of the world’s heart – Green peas, please, a whole dish full, and less blood shed in the name of “good health”, is on my Christmas wish list. (more magnesium in diet and less killing meds, tests, surgeries – don’t buy expensive death labeled as health – split pea soup is cheaper.) — gingerjen888  — 6 days ago
  • You be more careful with a baby at that age! You were practically squeezing its feet into its ankles.— Enyawilko1 —  6 days ago
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****Yes the screaming tortured cries of the baby would be horrendous and that is why kindly nurses and doctors become heartless abusers – how can they sleep at night unless they are sure that what they are doing is helping. How could anyone do that daily without becoming frozen inside – or worse enjoying the authoritarian position of power. Building oneself up by breaking down the little people is not a holier than thou attitude that I appreciate.

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