Taurine and arginine are essential for preventing cardiac arrhythmias

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Taurine is an amino acid that is found in many animal protein foods but is less available in vegetarian diets. Generally the body can convert it from another amino acid called cysteine, however B6 is necessary for the conversion. While it is not typically considered an amino acid that must be supplied by the diet because it can be made from cysteine in normal health, during later years of life elderly people or malnourished people may not be able to make enough taurine and then it would be essential that the diet supplied enough of the protein. The heart needs more taurine than other muscles. Individuals with B6 deficiency problems may also have problems making the conversion of cysteine to taurine.

The 3 case histories of cardiac arrhythmia patients discussed in the link below were successfully treated with a combination of 10 to 20 grams of taurine and 3 to 6 grams of the amino acid, arginine, each day divided into mealtime and bedtime doses given in gelatin capsules:

Patient 1: “Taurine (5 grams with each meal and at bedtime) was taken daily. L-arginine (1.5 grams) in gelatin capsules was taken with each meal and at bedtime.” (64 y/o male, daily ~ 20 grams taurine and 6 grams arginine )

Patient 2:  “He took 10 grams (2.5 grams with each meal and at bedtime) of taurine and 4 grams (1 gram with each meal and at bedtime) of L-arginine each day. No drugs or pacemakers were used during amino acid therapy.”  (82 y/o male, daily ~10 grams taurine and 4 grams arginine)

Patient 3:  “He used 4 grams of taurine and one gram of L-arginine three times a day with meals.” (60 y/o male, daily ~ 12 grams taurine and 3 grams arginine)

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  1. by George Eby, M.S., Elimination of cardiac arrhythmias using oral taurine with L-arginine with case histories: hypothesis for nitric oxide stabilization of the sinus node, (Medical Hypotheses, 2006) [george-eby-research]  Excerpt:  “If the biosynthesis of taurine and L-arginine becomes inadequate in aging, they become essential nutrients rather than “conditional” essential nutrients. Unnecessary morbidity, such as cardiac arrhythmias, and mortality result if they are not supplemented in sufficient amounts.[18] Drugs should not be substituted for nutrients. It is hypothesized that doses of taurine in the 10 to 20 grams per day range combined with L-arginine in doses of 3 to 6 grams per day, will be found effective in the prevention of cardiac arrhythmias in clinical trials, and such trials are highly recommended. We hypothesize that cardiac arrhythmias not having a specific cause in otherwise healthy people are symptoms of nutrient deficiencies of taurine and L-arginine.”
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