Link to Niacin/wild hamster cannibalism/glyphosate and a list of Glyphosate posts, with a CoV theme.

Expanded last post: Niacin deficiency linked to glyphosate and cannibalism (in wild hamsters). ( I posted that link before I was done watching the video, and slept a little more after watching it. So now the post has the hamster story in more detail and some other info from the video webinar. Each of the four speakers had significant info that added to the bigger picture.

What I didn’t include in my rewrite was that action individually is being encouraged – informing the government isn’t working or what they claim to be doing is on a too long-time scale – status quo to continue until some future date.

We are in a corporatocracy, an oligarchy, and corporate profit is protected over individual consumers. Our buying power collectively may be our biggest voice. If the consumers stop buying the poisonous products more producers might switch to organic foods. However – with the government complicit – they buy a lot of food and provide a lot of school children on Free or Reduced-price meals with two and sometimes three meals a day. Our individually stopping the purchase of RoundUp ready crops or meats raised with them – will not stop the big bucks that agribusiness gets from government purchase for schools, VA hospitals or facilities, or the military. Anyone on a cafeteria meal-plan will likely be getting glyphosate foods.

brown mouse on brown wooden table
“Teddy, my Syrian Hamster.” Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Glyphosate disrupts actin which is like a scaffolding with a crane that can direct activity and line up vital chemical parts within the cell. Glyphosate disrupts the crane’s ‘hook’.

Series – glyphosate is a big deal and has been since around 1965, use greatly increased sometime between 1985 and 1995:

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  • Glyphosate & COVID19, (Oct 25, 2020) *Biofuel made with RoundUp biomass is producing increased glyphosate residue in the air of communities near the biofuel production facility and in areas that now use a lot of biofuel in their gasoline mix. This post has a link to a company where you can self-order a screening test for glyphosate residue (in a urine sample I think).
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  • A US Congressman [Ted Lieu] is concerned about safety of glyphosate, (March, 19, 2017) Excerpt from the brief post: “An employee of the EPA may have colluded with Monsanto to suppress investigation of the safety of glyphosate and the herbicide Roundup.” (My words, link to a article in the post).
  • Glycine, Cheerful Juice, and testing for glyphosate, (Oct 26, 2016) *One of my solutions is to take powdered Dimethylglycine in water with a little sweetener, smidge of baking soda to offset the acidity, and a little juice for flavor. It can taste a little like red wine. Acidic citrus juices are not as helpful as a little blueberry, pomegranate or cherry juice. This post has links to previous posts I had written about DMG and my ‘Cheerful Juice’ – it makes me more cheerful but can taste kind of bad without the extra additions.
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    • *Gelatin from commercial sources is likely also a source of glyphosate residue as collagen is a protein made with a lot of glycine – leaving a lot of opportunity for glyphosate to be substituted instead in an animal fed RoundUp crops as feed. This would make gelatin capsule supplements a negative and any collagen joint support products that use commercially sourced collagen instead of organically raised sources.
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  • There is never going to be a good time to say that glyphosate is unhealthy, (June 17, 2016). This post is more about how society ignores some people, the second in command in the airplane, and that can lead to big crashes. I bring up the infertility aspect of glyphosate in this post, and that it is likely part of the increase in gender dysphoria.
  • Vitamin D activating enzyme and Glyphosate, the herbicide Roundup, (June 14, 2016)
  • Vitamin D, Cholesterol sulfate, concussions, and glyphosate (Round-up), (June 11, 2016)

Glyphosate would be causing a DNA female fetus to develop male pattern instinctual behaviors – rougher active play as a child and mounting dominance behavior when sexuality is developing rather than bending over and wanting to submit. Gender dysphoria is very real and occurs in the prenatal hormone environment of an infant when there is a mismatch between the uterine hormones that are predominant and the fetal DNA sex.

Historically, male DNA with female gender behavior was more common, though rare still. A pregnant woman is female and has female hormones, so it makes sense. Endocrine mimetic pesticides and BPA are likely increasing the incidence of male DNA babies that grow up with female gender behavior instincts. The glyphosate is newer to human history and now there is a big increase in female DNA babies that grow up with male gender behavior instincts. There is also social pressure on young girls and woman to be very overtly sexual, or maybe skip it by transitioning to male. Join the fun LGBTQIA+ marginalized group and give up your ‘white privilege’ – along with your healthy body, normal function sexual parts, and ability to have a baby or breast feed it…. This is not a solution to reducing glyphosate or estrogen mimetics in our food supply and environment.

We, humans, are causing trans or homosexuality in other species too. It makes me embarrassed for humans and sad for other species and the planet as a whole. We are a blight on this planet.

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