Glycine & glyphosate & misfolded proteins – Seneff article.

Misfolded proteins may also be a cause by causing the other proteins to also misfold and then form clumps. The tangled clumps can lead to an inflammatory response and excessive white blood cells which if it continues can cause fibrotic scarring and eventually cell death. Alzheimer’s dementia involves amyloid beta protein tangles which are also seen in some patients with autism.

Prion diseases are more specifically called transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs), and infection can spread through exposure to misfolded proteins as “infective” agents, without requiring a live pathogen [20]. PrP is the name given to the specific prion protein associated with these TSEs. Misfolded PrP proteins act as a seed or catalyst that then recruits other molecules of PrP to misfold in the same way and glom together into pathogenic fibrils.” (1)

A theoretical paper published by researchers in India showed that the spike protein binds to a number of aggregation-prone prion-like proteins, including amyloid beta, α-synuclein, tau, PrP and TDP-43. They argued that this could initiate aggregation of these proteins in the brain, leading to neurodegeneration [31].” (1)

Background information about glycine:

Glycine is a small amino acid that is important within proteins because of its ability to form a fold at that spot in the chain of amino acids. Substitutions of it with glyphosate may be a cause of misfolded proteins. Post: Glycine – good for our extracellular matrix & for immune protection against viral infection. (2)

People with more glyphosate residue may be more at risk for other chronic issues. Glyphosate residue is in the food supply as the crops it was used on and also the animals who ate those crops, and any foods made with ingredients from plants or animals raised with glyphosate herbicides, as the glyphosate residue may be incorporated into protein structure in place of the glycine. The air supply may also be a source. Biofuel made from Roundup grown biomass may be increasing glyphosate residue within the air in areas where it is produced and in areas where more of the biofuel is used by the general population for gasoline.

From the introduction of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease:

The mRNA in these vaccines codes for the spike protein normally synthesized by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, both the mRNA and the protein it produces have been changed from the original version in the virus with the intent to increase rate of production of the protein in an infected cell and the durability of both the mRNA and the spike protein it codes for. Additional ingredients like cationic lipids and polyethylene glycol are also toxic with unknown consequences. The vaccines were approved for emergency use based on grossly inadequate studies to evaluate safety and effectiveness. ” (1)

Our paper showed that there are several mechanisms by which these vaccines could lead to severe disease, including autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative diseases, vascular disorders (hemorrhaging and blood clots) and possibly reproductive issues.” (1)

Sections of Stephanie Seneff’s article include:

  • How to Make an Adenovirus DNA Vector Vaccine – in a human cell line. “a genetically modified version of a human cell line, called HEK (human embryonic kidney) 293 cells, where the human cell’s DNA was transfected long ago with fragments of the genome of an adenovirus – conveniently providing the defective recombinant virus with the missing proteins it needs to be able to proliferate [8].
  • The Spike Protein is Toxic – to the membrane lining of blood vessels and other cells with lots of ACE2 receptors such as the area of the brain that is involved in Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Bell’s Palsy, Autism and Parkinson’s Disease – Bell’s Palsy often gets better eventually, however a history of having had it is seen in some patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Bell’s Palsy during pregnancy has been associated with increased risk for an autism diagnosis for the child.
  • Prion Diseases Many neurodegenerative diseases have been linked to specific proteins that have prion-like properties, and these diseases are characterized as protein-misfolding diseases or proteopathies [29]. Like PrP, prion-like proteins become pathogenic when their alpha helices misfold as beta sheets, and the protein is then impaired in its ability to enter the membrane. These diseases include Alzheimer’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, and each of these is associated with a particular protein that misfolds and accumulates in inclusion bodies in association with the disease. We already saw that Parkinson’s disease is characterized by Lewy bodies in the substantia nigra that accumulate misfolded α-synuclein.” 
  • Glycines within the glycine zipper transmembrane motifs in the amyloid beta precursor protein (APP) play a central role in the misfolding of amyloid beta linked to Alzheimer’s disease (Decock et al., 2016). APP contains a total of four GxxxG motifs (one fewer than the spike protein).”  (1)
  • The spike protein is more likely to cause protein misfolding than the spike protein found on any other known typed of coronavirus.
  • Tracing the Vaccine Trail to the Spleen
  • Germinal Centers and Parkinson’s Disease – in the spleen.
  • Impaired Immune Response due to Over-vaccination
  • SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease, by Stephanie Seneff, June 2, 2021, (1)

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