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Additional Post election addition

The election results were very close in several states including Michigan. A recount effort has been initiated by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for President. The stated goal was to assure the voting public of the validity of the election results, however the Michigan Sate Attorney General has denied the request. The denial is being appealed.

Problems with the voting machines in the city of Detroit has already been revealed. As many as 87 voting machines may have failed to record the votes for the Presidential race. Ballots for approximately 87000 voters were recorded as having voted for down ballot races but recorded no vote for President and these type of votes were primarily located in the Detroit area — which suggests to me that a problem occurred with the machines rather than that many voters in only one area all decided to turn out to vote but not to vote for President.

Voters deserve to be able to have trust in the results. hand counting the ballots would allow actual humans to view what was written on the paper ballots before they were scanned into the computer system.

It may be against Michigan law to recount districts where exit polls didn’t match results — which doesn’t make sense to me but I don’t write the laws: http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2016/12/06/broken-voting-machines-could-wreak-havoc-for-wayne-county-recount/

Michigan recount: officials admit 87 vote counting machines broke in Detroit on Election Day

Regarding my own candidacy and health issues — if I had been elected then I would likely have been able to have a cooperative physician prescribe a synthetic cannabinoid medication that can be taken orally and if my health and mood issues were not able to be stabilized and impacted my function too much then I would resign. Government is important for many reasons, too important to not expect accountability and reasonable level of health from our elected or appointed officials.

Our nation’s health and longevity statistics are getting worse while our nation’s spending on health care is the most costly per person compared to other nation’s average spending. Eventually health of our citizens and our environment will have to take priority, I hope that occurs sooner rather than later because preventative health care needs to happen before irreversible damage has occurred. We can’t fix everything with more money or more pharmaceuticals.

The previous “Post Election Addition” and campaign platform points are available on my website, http://www.jenniferdepew.com/ but I’m not sure if this additional edit was saved so I’m copying and posting it here.

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