“Done is better than perfect” – for a perfectionist

You know you’ve made it when . . . you’re words are quoted out of context and not attributed. My perfectionism therapy slogan is not a business motto – “Done is better than perfect,” for those of us who have trouble stopping and just need to turn in the Mona Lisa as is, whether or not the smile has a bit of a quirk.

*The quote is attributed to Sheryl Sandberg in a 2013 book Lean In (goodreads) It also is the focus of a Dec. 22 2011 article regarding perfectionism in the tendency to over-tweak a project on lifehacker.com. So it may be a common maxim for those of us who tend to continue refining work past the point of ideal use of time. I mentioned the quote in my own writing in a post on Oct. 7, 2011:

One day at a time is a great motto, I never managed to incorporate a “one book at a time” slogan but a couple personal slogans that have helped me include, “Done is better than perfect” (because perfect is impossible.) and “Slow down, you move too fast, time to make a good thing last” (part of the 59th Street Bridge song). Simon and Garfunkel performing the 59th Street Bridge song live. The song was written by Paul Simon. [Youtube link]

My point isn’t about attribution but about perfectionism – the slogan is not a business motto in my understanding of the phrase but is a reminder to not nitpick the minor details when the project has achieved the necessary goals of completion.

Also worth noting: Banning things and people is a primitive habit and not really that supportive of diversity.

Read more about writing better and more effective mission and core value business statements, (the article makes some good points): https://hbr.org/2018/02/ban-these-5-words-from-your-corporate-values-statement

The travel ban was too sweeping and inhibits diversity and inclusiveness. Banning socially is a form of emotional manipulation and domestic violence. Role modeling emotional manipulation and domestic violence as a normal way of life is likely not healthy for children to observe.

A few resources for helping cope with a tendency towards perfectionism – it is a form of anxiety:

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Commuter, long distance

Traveling has led to new ideas and many photos. I may make a new website or two, one with rest stops and one with the inspiring heroes. We have much to be thankful for.

IT support is also something to be thankful for. I found help near my current apartment and need a revisit. These last few posts have been written letter by letter on my phone. Bath and kitchen freezer are also needed. The travel test run of the sleep platform and window panels did work well though.

  • Sumac as a crop was also a topic to revisit at the Inter-Tribal Council, a telephone call can save some drive time initially though.


Flags at half mast

Iowa may not have an Echo Canyon at a Rest Stop but the state had flags at half mast at the sites I visited. Tragedy at a Florida school left the nation saddened again. Tears and prayers for the lost lives and injured victims and community of survivors – inadequate feeling again. Flags at half mast.