Springcleaning is over: Effectivecare.info, website launch

I’ve been posting a few of the first sections from the new website, effectivecare.info on the blog that is embedded within it, effectiveselfcare.info,  Having information in different formats makes the information it is trying to organize searchable in different ways.

The series on oxidative stress is skipping ahead of the main text of the new website. Read more:

  1. G3. Relaxation & Stress, (G3)
  2. the series continues in G4. Autoimmune Disease & Vitamin D, (G4),
  3. G5. Pre-eclampsia & TRP Channels, (G5)
  4. and G7. Fear & our Inner Child. (G7)
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A Charlottesville police officer states a set up by the Mayor

See this Tweet for images with quotes, from this article:  (yournewswire.com/charlottesville-inside-job) there’s a Snopes factcheck of it that says its false: (snopes.com/were-police-told-stand-down-charlottesville)

Be careful what you believe. We don’t need to be pawns in billionaire’s international power struggles.

The possibility of warnings being ignored is also mentioned in this article written by a former employee of a secret service type agency: (Charlottesville)