Too hot, too dry, time to telecommute

California springtime is beautiful but it is already hot and dry in more southern locations. ¬†Telecommuting also gets through traffic quickly. Pomegranate orchards are beautiful and I visited two locations but the season for ripe fruit doesn’t begin until September so time to contact by snail mail or telephone. My long-term goals have always been focused on preventative health and moving nutrient guidelines towards acceptance of phospholipid as an essential nutrient group. Some people can make them but not everyone and they are found in a well nourished woman’s breast milk and they help stimulate the baby’s appetite and weight gain. An elderly or chronically ill person might also need the complex nutrients in a food or adult formula source. Today would be a good day for formulas to include phospholipid but so will tomorrow and next year or the next ten years. Change takes time and dedication. Pomegranates are part of the long term plan because they are a good source of phospholipid and other beneficial phytonutrients.

Mountain breezes for ¬†a happy Valentine’s Day for others who appreciate cool breeze:

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Too hot, too dry, time to telecommute by